⚠️These British private schools are full❗️Hurry and apply❗️

The number of places in British private schools is decreasing day by day, and many schools are already full ‼ ️

⚠️The following schools are full and cannot apply👇 :

🏫St Micheal's School

Ranked 27th among the top 100 private schools in the UK published by The Times in 2024 ❗️

🏫Oxford International College

It is ranked among the top 3️⃣ in academic performance every year and belongs to Hengshui Middle School in the UK.

🏫Roedean School

One of the best girls' secondary schools in the UK, comparable to Eton College

🏫Tonbridge SchoolTonbridge School

Known as a preparatory school for Cambridge University, academics, arts and sports are all top - notch.

🏫King 's Ely School

A prestigious school with a thousand-year history, the choir is famous, and 1/3 of the students are proficient in using an instrument.

🏫Cardiff Sixth Form College

Huanggang Middle School ranks first in academic achievement all year round and belongs to the British Huanggang Middle School.

🏫Christ 's Hospital School

With excellent results, about 10 graduates enter Oxbridge every year

🏫 …………

🥲School places are limited, the better the school, the sooner it will be filled

✅Let ’s see which other high-quality private schools have locations👇 :

🏫Myddelton College

The school will train professional athletes and coaches, and all coaching teachers have rich experience in competition and teaching.

🏫New Hall School

The teaching building was once a palace and the environment is beautiful. We attach great importance to the development of students, and are very strong in music and sports.

🏫Burgess Hill Girls

The top 20 girls' schools in the UK provide tutoring courses for applying to Oxford and Cambridge.

🏫Taunton School

The school has excellent results. The national average IB score is 16 points, and the average score of this school is 32 ❗️

🏫St Francis' College

About 25% of students enter Oxbridge University every year👍

🏫Queenswood SchoolQueenswood School

Known as "the girls' school that everyone should pursue", it not only has excellent results but is also ranked No. 1 in women's tennis in the UK️⃣

🏫 …………

There are more private schools that are not full. Let ’s analyze the specific situation of dd rice cake☑️

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