㊙️This is actually rated as the “most suitable city for love” in the UK⁉️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."

——Samuel Johnson 💭

Many people will choose to study in the UK because of the London described in this sentence🇬🇧

👀In fact, in addition to choosing a school🏫choosing a major📚many students also pay special attention to the city🏙this aspect when planning to study abroad🤔After all , who doesn’t want to have a better study abroad experience🫶🏻👏🏻The city where you study abroad will not only affect your daily living expenses💰 Safety 🔒 and other aspects ⚠️ are also closely related to your job search after graduation 💡💡

Today, the editor will introduce to you 5️⃣the most popular cities for studying abroad in the UK📢

💕Edinburgh 【Capital of Scotland】

Edinburgh🎀A city that is "bubbly with pink bubbles" 🥰Although the ranking of "Best University for Love" is not very objective👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏻, you have to admit that Edinburgh is a very romantic place💖In Edinburgh This old city with many monuments🌠The two seemingly contradictory emotions of melancholy and healing are perfectly blended together💫presenting a unique city light and shadow🌸Edinburgh is the latest "World's Best in 2022 " released by Time Out magazine Ranked 1st in the world in the "City Ranking" ️⃣ and was selected as the best city in the world 🔝

🎓Recommended popular universities in Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University, Queen Margaret College

🚂London 【All top resources are gathered here】

London is the city with the largest number of students in the UK . It has a large number of universities, colleges, schools and academic research institutions . It is also an expensive but colorful capital of England. It is one of the most 🆒 capitals in Europe and a world-class capital. The metropolis 🎆 has the highest cost of living 💷 salary levels 💳 and employment opportunities in the UK ☎️

🎓Recommended popular universities in London: Imperial College London; University College London; London School of Economics and Political Science; London College of Art

⚽️Manchester [the best city in the northwest]

Manchester is considered the most liveable city in the UK by The Economist ☕️It is full of vitality ⛷Has a huge student population 🎭Rich and interesting entertainment activities 🎳There are also two world-class football teams ⚽️Students who like football will especially like it here❤️

🎓Recommended popular universities in Manchester: University of Manchester; Manchester Metropolitan University

🌇Leeds [Highly recommended city that never sleeps]

Leeds is the second largest financial and legal center in the UK🏦an international metropolis🎇an important economic💎commercial🛍industrial🏗and cultural center in the British Midlands📖one of the 8️⃣largest core cities in England💯

🎓Recommended school: University of Leeds

🛠Birmingham [the city with the strongest industrial atmosphere]

Birmingham is the largest metropolitan area in the UK after London🌉It is also a traditional industrial city⚙️Birmingham ’s education is naturally good at engineering🔬And the tuition and living expenses are cheaper than in London✅Studying abroad is cost-effective🤩🤩

🎓Recommended popular universities in Birmingham: University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University

🌟So which one do you pick🙌🏻

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