Some British high school 🇬🇧concepts about school choice that break the tradition

Fried Fish has recently seen that more and more parents are obsessed with British high schools😮‍💨. Today I will briefly talk about some concepts of school selection, hoping to give parents more room for choice. After all, you cannot personally I came to the UK to visit schools and watched dozens of schools’ fried fish. Let me talk about these concepts for you. Please think deeply~

1⃣️Is London expensive and unsafe ?

London is expensive and the cost of living is high. This is certain and unquestionable. But does it matter what school you choose ? Children are provided with three meals a day at school, and there are basically no opportunities for consumption . If the children want to buy luxury goods, I will say it separately, but in fact, our students in London, a The monthly living expenses are only 5k-6k yuan . So the fried fish is okay in my opinion! Safety issue : As long as you are in school, you are safe . The opportunity to go out alone is relatively rare in boarding high schools. There are nightstands and dormitory supervisors who verify the number of people every day. Please rest assured✅ .

2⃣️Should you choose a school with more or fewer international students?

This question depends on where you want your child to develop . If you want to cultivate an aristocratic atmosphere👑 and grow up completely under British education, then choose a school with fewer international students. However, generally speaking, the results of these schools are not as good as those with more international students🤔, and schools with fewer international students are better for The help for your children (international students) may not be so comprehensive, and they may even treat you as a British student❓ . This question depends on the individual. If you don’t like it, don’t criticize it😊 . Think carefully for yourself. Although the UK is not a country of immigrants (at least for the United States), there are many different races . For international students, tolerance is a criterion for their own success💯 .

3⃣️Choose rolled or non-rolled

There are two criteria for judging this question. Do you want your children to attend prestigious schools or to experience life? If it's a prestigious school, go for the former, otherwise the latter. Oxbridge Conveyor Schools generally have exam papers😭 . Don’t tell me what Wang Shiling went to, like Bonnetton. If you can pass the exam, you should go and do well🙄️ . It’s better to walk the path you should take in a down-to-earth manner. If it's a test, people start taking it when they are 7 or 8 years old, so don't talk about whether your children have a chance, you know what I mean.

4⃣️How to protect yourself from lightning

Ask Fried Fish, our students are basically in most high schools in the UK . It certainly cannot be all of them. I can only tell you what you want to ask. Fried Fish will basically give you pertinent advice🤔 . Anyway, I just hope to help those confused parents and children🧭 .

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