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Recently, many parents of students have come to ask about how much money they should prepare to attend private schools in the UK. Then Mr. Fried Fish will post a collection of [Tuition Fees] [Accommodation Fees] for schools in various regions as a reference~

🏫Tonbridge SchoolTonbridge School


💰Tuition🏠Accommodation 16648 / semester _

🎹Musical instrument and other tutoring 300-1500/ semester

📝Registration fee 259

🏫DLD College London


💰Tuition fee 35,300/ year

🏠Accommodation 21,500 / year double room 28,000/ year single room

30,900/ year Premium single room 33,600/ year Platinum single room

📝Registration fee 500

🏫Abbey College Cambridge


💰Tuition fee 35500/ year

🏠Accommodation 25,600/ year single room 19,800 / year double room

29,500/ year apartment

📝Registration fee 500

🏫Abbey College Manchester


💰Tuition fee 24000-28100/ year

🏠Accommodation 15,400/ year for suites 18,200 / year for senior suites

📝Registration fee 500

🏫Queen Ethelburga 's


💰Tuition fee 18450-19950/ year

🏠Accommodation 11150 / year -12600/ year

📝Registration fee 295

🏫City of London Freemen's

📍London Surrey

💰Tuition🏠Accommodation 13958-14311 / semester _

📝Registration fee 200

🏫King 's Ely Middle School

📍Ely , north of Cambridge

💰Tuition🏠Accommodation 27843 / year - 38655 / year

📝Registration fee 150

Still want to know which school’s specific fees? 🇬🇧Middle School🈸️ Backstage✉️Didi

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