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There are too many mixed 🀄️ introductions. Lao Wang will write an article today to clearly explain to you the types of preparatory courses available in the UK and their differences. Please educate yourself and refresh your attitudes and so-called prejudices about this kind of thing. , don’t spray if you don’t like it. As we all know, what Lao Wang wrote 🍠 is well-founded and not just nonsense . He took his seat and set off🏎️

There are only three types of preparatory courses: school preparatory courses, group preparatory courses, and high school preparatory courses.

1⃣️Our school’s preparatory course: As the name suggests, our school’s preparatory course is a preparatory course offered by the university itself. Generally, domestic high school students are required to apply after graduating from high school, with an average score of more than 85%. Of course, Alevel candidates can also apply. Alevel candidates apply according to the requirements of different schools, such as opening Our school's preparatory courses include UCL and KCL. They both require students to apply with AS scores. To apply for D, students must reach BBC or BBB. Applications from students after the Alevel exam are not accepted. IELTS requirements are 6.0-6.5.

2⃣️Group preparatory courses: Group preparatory courses are bridging courses currently available in 90% of universities, such as the University of Manchester, Leeds, and Southampton. They may have their own school preparatory courses, or they may have group preparatory courses, or they may coexist, such as the University of Manchester. , the University of Manchester's preparatory majors are limited to engineering 🔧 . Others, such as business, need to apply through the group preparatory program. The group that the University of Manchester is connected to is INTO. The INTO preparatory program of the University of Manchester requires candidates to obtain BBC results after completing the Alevel exam. BCC is enough for some majors. Group preparatory courses are mostly criticized for their low admission rate. For example, only about 17% of students in the INTO preparatory course at the University of Manchester are admitted to the University of Manchester every year. However, there will always be people in the world who cannot eat grapes. Sour grapes. People who get into the exam won't say it's difficult. Studying hard is the right way. There are schools and groups in Leeds. You can apply based on your own situation. This school only accepts senior high school graduates

3⃣️High school preparatory course: Few people know about this kind of preparatory course, because the preparatory courses in these schools do not do much publicity. More students from the same school transfer to study or students who are already in the UK go to high school preparatory course. Except for Oxbridge, Imperial College, and LSE, which do not recognize it, all other universities, including UCL, Edinburgh, and Manchester City, recognize this kind of course. They also need to apply for undergraduate courses through UCAS with preparatory scores. , UCAS is only useful for undergraduates. UCAS is not required to apply for secondary school, GCSE, ALEVEL and preparatory courses. As for high school preparatory courses, there are no hard and fast requirements for admission. The main requirements are to pass the school review and interview. High school sophomores can apply

Summary ⏰The content you study is pretty much the same whether it is the school preparatory course, group preparatory course or high school, and will be set according to the major you want to study in college in the future. For example, if you want to study law as an undergraduate in the future, you can’t Take an engineering preparatory course, so there is still a connection between preparatory course and undergraduate degree. The biggest difference between them is that the high school preparatory students still treat you as a high school student, while the other two treat you as a college student. To put it bluntly, as long as the diploma is recognized by the university, whether you are Alevel, IB, or preparatory at the same school, group preparatory, or high school preparatory, it is important to choose the path that suits you❗️

High school sophomores want to apply for UCL undergraduate program - high school preparatory program

Senior high school students want to apply for UCL undergraduate courses - our school's preparatory course/high school preparatory course

High school sophomores want to apply to the University of Manchester for undergraduate studies - high school preparatory program

A first-year high school student wants to apply for an undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester - it depends on whether you are old enough, and if so, take a high school preparatory course

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