Thousands of people achieved 9 points A*❗️Which school❓

This year’s GCSE results are finally back to 😷pre -pandemic levels, which are still slightly higher than 2019 levels, although closer to 2019 levels than the previous two years. Let’s talk to Mr. Fried Fish to see if these top middle schools are just fake.

🏫City of London school for Girls

In this year's exam, as expected, it ranked 1st among the Top 10⃣️ . 95% of the students scored 7-9 ( A*-A ), and 83% of the students scored 8 or 9 ( A* ).

🏫west minster school west minster school

In this year's exam, 75% of students scored 8 or 9 , and the school has consistently ranked among the top three every year.

🏫St Paul's School

In this year's exam, 60% of students scored 9 , 96% scored 7-9 , and 26 students scored all 9s !

🏫Tonbridge School

In this year's exams, 46% of students scored 9 , and 75% of students scored 8 or 9 ( A* ). It is worthy of being rated as the eighth best school in the country based on gcse and alevel results.

🏫Brighton college

In this year's exams, a staggering 1,122 people achieved more 9s than ever before, with 45 students achieving at least nine 9s ! 93% of the students achieved 7-9 ( A*-A ), and 99% of the students achieved 6-9 , which is gratifying.

🏫North London Collegiate School

In this year's exam, 37 out of 113 students scored all 9 points, and 80 students scored 8 or 9 points. They have always performed stably.

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