How to get to all 🇬🇧universities after getting off the plane

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Many friends have come to the UK one after another or are on their way to the UK. The largest airports in the UK are in Manchester, London and Edinburgh. So how do you get to the final destination from these places? Here are several modes of transportation for everyone to choose from🤩

1. Train 🚄 — relatively close

Both Trainline and omio can buy train tickets. If the distance is within two hours and there is a direct train, you can consider taking the train . After all, considering that it is your first time to come to the UK and you are not familiar with it, you will have a lot of luggage and you need to change trains or it will take a long time. The train will be very tiring and easy to get lost😩There are quite a lot of trains, so you don’t have to worry about unstable flight arrival times or long customs clearance⌚️For example, there is a direct train from Manchester City to Liverpool every half an hour! ⚠️When taking a train, remember to listen to the voice announcement in time to avoid getting off the wrong train!

2. Take the bus - suitable for those who are closer to each other

You can buy train tickets on Trainline and national express. The advantage of train tickets is that they are 💰 cheap but they also take a long time. Moreover, British buses are life-threatening as soon as they get on the expressway... If you are prone to motion sickness, don’t consider taking it 🚌 and you will suffer! Buses are also more suitable for friends who are relatively close to each other. If you need to transfer from the airport to the city, but you can go directly and take the same time, buses are also a good choice!

3. Chartered car pick-up from the airport—suitable for any distance

You need to contact the driver in advance for this! The advantage is that point-to-point pick-up is delivered directly to the place where you live , which saves trouble and time. The disadvantage is that chartering a car is more expensive ... The further the distance, the more expensive it is !

4⃣️School pick-up

Many British universities provide airport pick- up services, but the time is fixed and not available every day! You need to check the pick-up date and time on the school’s official website in advance! This is very demanding on the landing time of the aircraft! I think I had to wait for two and a half hours at the Manchester airport to catch the school's chartered flight that landed at 6 a.m. before being picked up by the school at 9 a.m. I was so sleepy! 🥱

Anyway, any mode of transportation is acceptable and everyone can choose by themselves! But I have to say ❗️Choosing a suitable landing airport is very important! Because this greatly reduces costs and time spent on the road! If you have any friends who need reliable car charter service, you can also contact Didi. We will confirm the pick-up details and we will have the buoyancy to deliver them!

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