It’s not just London that has quality secondary schools❗️

The second collection of high-quality secondary schools outside London is here~

🏫Bootham School


👥Mixed school

Super cost - effective➕Excellent results , one year's accommodation + tuition is less than 40,000 pounds❗ 70% AlevelA*-B . It is a very low-key traditional private middle school, with only two-year GCSE and Alevel courses. The GCSE course also offers astronomy courses. It is also one of the few schools that has its own observatory, not to mention other regular facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, and tennis courts. . The school's philosophy is to fully respect students' choices, everyone is equal, and students have the right to choose to do what they want to do. Therefore, students are often organized to participate in extracurricular activities, watching football games, watching movies, traveling, etc. to broaden students' horizons.

🏫Hurtwood House School

📍London Surrey

👥Mixed school

The school's focus is on academic performance and admission rate. It is one of the Alevel high schools with excellent academic performance in the UK, and most of its students are boarding students. Alevel A*-A has 52.5% , A*-B has 82.5% , and the proportion of getting offers from Oxford and Cambridge universities is high every year. With its teaching quality and excellent results, it ranks 65th among private middle schools in the UK. Provide additional English teaching for international students, friendly to students going abroad for the first time. Various club activities are organized every working day afternoon, such as equestrian, golf, hockey, rugby, tennis, etc., dedicated to the development of students.

🏫Malvern College


👥Mixed school

I only need to mention the results of this school and you will know how good it is. The school introduced the IB curriculum in 1992 and is one of the forward-looking IB schools. In the school's 22 examinations, the performance of students was well above the national average and exceeded the IB global average score. Among them, 40% of students obtained 40 points or more (full score is 45 ). Only 1% of the world scored more than 44 , and 4 students in this school scored more than 44❗️The average AlevelA*-A was 43 , and A*-B was 71% . GCSE 9-7 has 62% and GCSE 9-6 has 81% . A pure harvester from a prestigious school.

What other collections of high-quality middle schools do you want to see? welcomedd

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