London is not the only place with quality secondary schools❗️

The third collection of high-quality secondary schools outside London is here~

🏫Harrogate girls schoolharrogate ladies


👥Girls ’ school

As the only girls' school in the north of England selected into the top five of the " Best Private Schools for Girls " , the school provides girls with world - class British education, allowing girls to develop in an all-round way, build self-confidence and focus on teamwork. Inheriting the bloodline of an aristocratic girls' school, the results are naturally excellent, with 41% Alevel A*-A and 57% GCSE 9-7 , especially mathematics, science, engineering and technology. It is worthy of being the school where over 7% of students are admitted to Oxbridge University.

🏫Malvern st james Malvern st james

📍Great Malvern

👥Girls ’ school

The school focuses on stimulating girls' enthusiasm for learning and encouraging the development of girls' curiosity, critical thinking and creativity. It is the top girls ' school in central England. In 2022, 54% of Alevel students achieved A*-A , among which the STEAM project was particularly strong. The school is also a SAT examination center, and many students choose to go to college in the United States after graduation. The most valuable thing to mention is its college entrance counseling. The school provides girls with interview counseling for Oxford and Cambridge universities, especially in medicine, veterinary medicine and law.

🏫Ipswich SchoolIpswich School

📍Suffolk County

👥Mixed school

The school's music department is widely regarded as one of the best music departments and is the only school mentioned in Shakespeare's plays. It inspires students' passion for music with extremely complete facilities. Most music students progress to Russell Group membership. Alevel A*-B has over 80% , and the passing rate for all subjects is 100%. 63% at GCSE9-7 .

What other school collections do you want to see?

🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , dd fried fish

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