not late! Undergraduate preparatory courses in the UK that you can still apply for in January

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

British Undergraduate Foundation Year The earlier you apply, the sooner The sooner you get the offer So you should start planning and applying in advance❗️

Today I will share some British undergraduate preparatory courses that you can apply for 1⃣️🈷️ School🏫➕Professional📖 _

✨University of Birmingham

👻Business direction Management Marketing

💀IELTS 5.5 (5) preparatory and undergraduate studies 🈶️4⃣️Visa !

✨University of Newcastle

👻Architecture Biomedicine and Pharmacy Business and Management Humanities and Social Sciences Computers and Mathematics

👻Admission requirements :

High school diploma or proof of enrollment 80%

Senior year of senior high school : 75% mathematics required; senior year of senior high school: 70%


Language requirement: IELTS 5.0 ( 4.5 )

✨University of Reading

👻IFP project👉International Foundation Course Hosted independently by the University of Reading Courses are taught by in-service professors of this major Adopt a small class model with no more than 20 people per class To ensure the quality of teaching Students can use IFP graduation grades Articulation to undergraduate degree programs at other universities 1⃣️🈷️Admission courses are more concentrated Undergraduate progression rate is as high as 90%

👻IELTS score : 6(5)

👻Computer Science Construction Management and Engineering history Geography etc.

✨London Mary

👻Business law and social sciences Science and Engineering

⚠️Law is the top major at Queen Mary University of London Teaching quality has always been among the top 10 in the UK. Many professors are consultants to the government and other industries. Geographically very close to 🇬🇧British Royal Courts of Justice

👻Achievement requirements :

High school sophomore 👉 average score of 80% senior high school 👉 average score of 75% ❗️Science and engineering only accept students who graduated from high school

IELTS :6(5.5)

❗️High school diploma is not required But reasonable reasons need to be given

👻Compulsory modules for undergraduate preparatory studies🈶️ English for academic purposes and extended project

💰 12200 💷 / year

👻It is a general preparatory course Wide scope of recognition Final results🉑️Apply to universities within the London system➕University of Manchester Duren et al.

This is about the majors you can apply for in January🇬🇧undergraduate preparatory courses What questions do you have? Remember Didi us Now my brother is handing me the materials Offer available in 2⃣️weeks🉐️

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