🇬🇧A university that you can enter without college entrance examination scores🉑️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

everybody knows The British undergraduate system is three years ( Scotland is four years ) . After graduating from the college entrance examination🎓 , I went to study in the UK It is generally necessary to study for 9 months of undergraduate preparatory courses as a transition. Then enter undergraduate degree📖

Are there any schools? Yes, college entrance examination scores are not required Is it possible to study only with the grades of the first and second grade of high school? Wang Wanwan’s answer is : Of course🈶️ !

✨For students who are still in high school Need to achieve a high school grade point average of 80 Only with IELTS 5.0 can you have the opportunity to apply🇬🇧Undergraduate preparatory course for 4 years🉑️to get a bachelor's degree Graduation smoothly🎓 save time Graduate early🎓Achieve age involution!

⚠️For those who have not finished the college entrance examination yet The requirements for grades will be relatively high The following universities accept high school scores

1⃣️No preparatory course required 🉑️Schools for direct undergraduate studies

✨The overall ranking of these universities is not high, QS ranking 300 The advantage is that you can graduate quickly Suitable for some high school students with poor academic performance Ranking relatively low by year Students who only want an undergraduate degree

University of Aberdeen Heriot-Watt University University of Strathclyde University of Dundee University of Stirling Goldsmiths, University of London coventry university middlesex university University of Greenwich University of Northampton Roehampton University University of Bedfordshire University of Hertfordshire

2⃣️High overall ranking Schools that require preparatory studies to enter undergraduate programs

QS ranking within 100 This type of university requires a high school grade average of 80 IELTS around 5.5 Suitable for those who do not want to take the college entrance examination A freshman and sophomore student in high school who can’t hold up the paper😅

University of Manchester Bristol  University of Southampton University of Leeds University of Birmingham ( 🉑️offering preparatory online courses )  Durham University University of Warwick University of Sheffield University of Nottingham ( 🉑️providing preparatory online courses ) University of Newcastle (qs 122) Queen Mary University of London ( qs 125 ) Lancaster University ( QS 146 ) University of York ( qs162 ) University of Exeter ( qs163 ) Cardiff University ( qs166 ) University of Liverpool ( qs190 🉑️Providing preparatory online courses ) Loughborough University

✨🇬🇧High starting point The value of highly ranked universities It’s no worse than the key undergraduate programs in China! While your compatriots are still struggling with the college entrance examination, When you wake up early and wait until dark Maybe you’ve already gotten an offer from one of the top 100 universities in the world!

What else do you have❓ Welcome ✉️ us or kick us below ⬇️ The future is in your own hands! It requires careful planning and arrangement! ㊗️Everyone has a bright future!

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