🇬🇧Several schools with good value for money for associate degree to master degree

How should college students apply for a 🇬🇧 master's degree? Currently 🈶️Three methods⬇️

1⃣️ topup ➕Master

With a college diploma Go to 🈸️undergraduate studies in the UK Then use an English degree🈸️🇬🇧 master’s degree

Disadvantages : Academic Director At least 18 months required Cannot choose major independently Must be the same as the junior college major

Advantages : Complete academic qualifications 🇬🇧Bachelor ’s degree➕Master ’s degree🈶️

2⃣️Master ’s Preparatory Course➕Master ’s Degree

🈶️College diploma Pursuit of 🇬🇧College Ranking🈶️

Disadvantages : The schooling period is also relatively long

Advantages : 🉑️Choose prestigious schools You can study if you pass the preparatory course Relatively cheaper than topup💰


🈶️College diploma➕ 3 years of relevant work experience

Disadvantages : 3 years of relevant work experience is mandatory

Advantages : short academic cycle Get a 🇬🇧 master’s degree certificate in just one year Save 💰

Here Wang Wanwan recommends the second application method to everyone. No work experience required Also🉑️choose your major independently therefore Here are a few cost-effective schools for you to choose from

1⃣️University of Glasgow

Located in Scotland 🏴 charcoal 🏴 charcoal

2⃣️Durham University

Located on the border of Scotland and England, QS92 has an average score of 70 ➕IELTS 5.5-6.0

3⃣️University of Sheffield

Average score of 80 QS96 IELTS 5.0 ( writing requirement must be 5.0 and the remaining 4.0)

4⃣️Queen Mary College London

Located in East London It is for students who want to experience life in the bustling metropolis of London. QS117, a relatively cost-effective school in London, has an average score of 70 IELTS5.5 (5.5)

5⃣️Lancaster University

Its School of Management is the only six-star business school in the UK with an average QS146 score of 70 IELTS 5.5(4.0)

6⃣️Queen ’s University Belfast

Located in Northern Ireland, the QS ranking is stable at around 130 Vast land and sparsely populated low prices Tuition fees are also low Life is pleasant and comfortable Evenly divided 70 IELTS5.5 (5.5)

7⃣️University of Exeter

Member of the Russell Group of universities Both the School of Business and the School of Education enjoy a reputation Evenly divided 80 IELTS5.5 (5.5)

The above are 🇬🇧 relatively cost-effective schools for junior college to master’s degree programs. We need to analyze specific cases in detail Please come to Didi us!

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