How difficult is it to get into LSE, the cradle of the world’s political and business elites?

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is the protagonist of this G5 series. LSE ranks 49th in the QS World University Rankings in the UK . The school is located in the center of London, with convenient transportation and high safety index. It is very convenient for both study and life. You can also experience London life while studying.

However, due to the small size of the college, it does not rank very high in the overall ranking. However, LSE enjoys a high reputation in social science academia, finance, and political and business circles, and is also known as the "cradle of the world's political and business elites." According to surveys, LSE has produced the most billionaires among all European universities, and its graduates’ average starting salary is top 1 in the UK. Are you excited when you hear this ?

In addition to the good prospects after graduation, there is no doubt about the teaching quality and study experience of LSE. In the field of social sciences and management, it has ranked second in the world in the QS World University Rankings for eight consecutive years (2013-2020). The IDEAS Economic Research Report ranks LSE’s Economics series as the third best university economics research department in the world. For students who want to apply for business studies, LSE must be at the top of the list. The name of LSE already clearly shows their strong majors. Economics and political science are notoriously difficult to apply for.

📭Undergraduate admission requirements (only popular majors are listed)

The academic background required for direct undergraduate study includes: IB courses, A-level, AP courses T and other school-approved courses or examinations.

Economics: A-level: AAA*, Mathematics A*

Politics and International Relations A-level: AAA

Law: A-level: A*AA. Applicants are required to take three A-levels, plus GCSE, with high scores in multiple subjects. All applicants are required to take the LNAT.

Graduate admission requirements

Top 30 universities require a GPA of 85+, and other universities require a GPA of 90+

IELTS: Standard requirement is 7.0 (6.5). For example, if the legal major has higher language requirements, it is 7.5 (writing and listening should not be lower than 7, reading should not be lower than 6.5, and speaking should not be lower than 6.0)

You can see from the admission requirements why it is notoriously difficult to apply . Although as one of the G5 elite colleges, competition is fierce. But with regard to information about studying abroad, it is important to know and prepare early. For example, undergraduate colleges have very high requirements for average scores. If students have the intention to study abroad during their undergraduate years, they can work more on the professional courses they are studying to improve their average scores. , enhance hard power, so that you can rush to your ideal college !

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