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The latest collection of high-quality private schools and public schools is here. Is your dream school among them?

🏫Eton College

👥Boys ' school

It is generally regarded as the best middle school in the UK. Of the approximately 250 graduates every year, at least 70 will enter Oxbridge, and 70% will enter the world's famous schools. It is worthy of being the " most famous school in the world " filmed by the BBC .

🏫St Bees School

👥Mixed school

It has a long history of 400 years. At the same time as the nine public schools, it was once ranked among the top 24 in the UK. As the alma mater of many British national dignitaries, it has exclusive and systematic guidance for admission to Oxford and Cambridge G5 universities.

🏫West Minster School

👥Boys ’ school ( 16+ mixed school)

It has always dominated the Oxbridge rankings and ranked 1st⃣️ . The passing rate of Oxbridge in 2022 was as high as 40% ❗️It is known as the " Oxbridge Harvester " .

🏫Christ 's Hospital School

👥Mixed school

Musical achievements are as famous as Eton College, and it is the only middle school to participate in the Queen's 90th birthday celebration music performance. The school will recommend students to further their studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music, allowing many students to enter universities such as Cambridge, G5 , and the Conservatory of Music to specialize in music.

🏫Ipswich SchoolIpswich School

👥Mixed school

It has one of the best middle school music departments in the UK, and has established a dedicated music teaching department to enable almost all music graduates to advance to Russell University Group member universities or music universities.

🏫Winchester School

👥Boys ’ school ( 16+ mixed school)

The alma mater of the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the founder of the school is also the founder of the new students of Oxford University. It has cultivated countless outstanding people over its 600 -year history.

🏫Fettes College

👥Mixed school

The best school in Scotland is known as the Eton College of the North, which shows its value. "The Times " has also selected this school as " Scotland's Best School of the Year " many times.

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