Why is it recommended that you choose a British local agent?

Domestic intermediaries are a mixed bag, with various routines, various collection projects, and various background projects to make money . But in fact, how many UUs really need it? Or do you just buy Mai when you feel you need it? Frankly speaking, the essence of application is excellent grades plus soft skills (a serious intern, a serious award).

If you are tired of these things, you might as well jump out of the box and check out a local British agency. This article gives you several reasons to choose:

1⃣️Understand the local culture better: When choosing a school, many UUs will also take into account other factors in addition to rankings, such as cost of living, accommodation, shopping, restaurants, climate, travel distance and many other factors. Domestic intermediaries have no way to understand things other than the school. We can instantly connect with students in different places, and they will provide us with first-hand information so that you can clearly understand all the details of the city.

2⃣️Zero time difference in communication with the school: At this point, it is already a domestic intermediary in seconds, and any information between the school and the students can be synchronized within the same time. Reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency. The UK is 7 or 8 hours behind China. Many UUs are only available at night in China, which corresponds to noon and afternoon in the UK. There is no need to wait until the next day in China to synchronize information.

3⃣️The chance of thunderstorms is very low: Will local intermediaries definitely not have thunderstorms? Wang Wanwan cannot guarantee whether other companies will do the same, but we are a company registered in the UK. We have our own website, an office, real cases, professional consultants, and British teachers who graduated from Oxford English Literature. Visa teacher, with service director. The quality of our service is guaranteed throughout the process. 

4⃣️💰Advantages : After cutting off various so-called projects, while maintaining the same service quality, the 💰 of the entire set of services will also decrease. Streamlined application only costs one pound, and the service quality is as good as those with a few w's🈚️ The difference is that the application plan will be ready in 6 hours, there is no compulsion to choose a school, and N-to-1 guidance will be provided throughout the process. How many w do you think it takes to apply for school? Haha, the layout is too small~

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