Why rich people choose to study abroad in 🇬🇧UK❓

Why are more and more second-generation celebrities and wealthy people being sent to the UK to attend secondary schools? Celebrities and wealthy people will definitely surpass ordinary people in the educational arrangements for their children. These aristocratic private schools are not only academically superior, but also top - notch in cultivating students' personal qualities.

🏫Benenden SchoolBenenden Girls’ School

👥Girls ’ school

I believe everyone is familiar with the same alma mater of Wang Shiling and the gambling king's daughter He Chaoxin. As one of the best girls' schools in the UK, both the teachers and the campus environment are top- notch. The school hopes that every girl can give full play to her potential. Potential, its educational philosophy is to cultivate girls into responsible, considerate, brave and compassionate adults. At the same time, as the alma mater of princesses from many countries, the accommodation environment is not to mention. The dormitory has spacious and bright single rooms, and every girl enjoys " princess " -like treatment.

🏫Winchester CollegeWinchester Public School

👥Boys ’ school ( 16+ mixed school)

You are all familiar with the rich people who graduated from this top aristocratic school. He Youjun, Huo Qigang and Wang Sicong are also alumni of the current Prime Minister of the UK. As one of the nine major public schools, the results are also top-notch. In 2023 , the Alevel A* score was 40.7% and the A*/A score was 77.9% . It is a real harvester of prestigious schools.

🏫 Eton CollegeEton College

👥Boys ' school

It can be said that the British Prime Minister is contracted by this school. It has produced more than 20 political celebrities and is also the alma mater of Hua Tian, ​​the first equestrian athlete in the history of the Chinese Olympic Games. As a school called " the most famous " by the BBC , it is undoubtedly the most aristocratic middle school in the UK. The admission rate of Oxford and Cambridge in 2023 is as high as 24% . No wonder it has become the first choice of the rich and aristocratic.

🏫 Millfield School Millfield School

👥Mixed school

The " Cradle of Olympic Champions " school attended by Beckham's son has contributed more than 60 national players to the British Olympic team. It is also the alma mater of Huo Qigang's father, Fok Zhenting. The school's sports venue is also the official training venue for the London Olympics. Its basketball, equestrian, swimming and tennis are also particularly excellent , making it a dream school for many sports students.

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