A high-quality private school that still has space in September! Applying to these schools is easy and fast!

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Following the previous article, many parents asked if there are any other schools that are equally good🈸️ and not bad? Come on, come on, Wang Wanwan is here with these schools, let’s continue to see which other schools are equally good and easy to apply for~

🔥Easy to apply for high-quality private schools 1⃣️

🏫Ambaid Secondary School MPW

👉🏻Application requirements: English test + interview📄

👉🏻School features: There are three campuses in 📍London , 📍Birmingham and 📍Cambridge . The London campus has a large number of art majors👏🏻 , such as fashion management✔️ , fashion design✔️ , drama majors✔️ , etc. that are not available in many schools, and The school's undergraduate preparatory course is recognized by the University of the Arts London, and teachers from Lunyi often come to the school to teach🧑🏻‍🏫

🔥Easy to apply for high-quality private schools 2⃣️

🏫Kent College, Canterbury

👉🏻Application requirements: English test + interview📄

👉🏻School Features: 📍Near London, in addition to Alevel, the school also offers IB courses, and the school is strict on the use of mobile phones. Parents who are afraid that their children will lie flat when they come to the UK don’t worry, the school has free equestrian courses. There are plenty of activities on the weekend🚴

🔥Easy to apply for high-quality private schools 3⃣️

🏫Abbey College Cambridge

👉🏻Application requirements: English test + interview

👉🏻School Features: 📍The school is located in Cambridge. The school is famous for its science, engineering and business subjects✏️ . It often takes students to participate in various valuable science competitions📚 , which has real benefits for entering university👏🏻 , and there are also specialized cattle Sword preparation class, small class teaching only 8-10 people

🔥Easy to apply for high-quality private schools 4⃣️

🏫Ipswich schoolIpswich school

👉🏻Application requirements: Mathematics & English test + interview📄

👉🏻School Features: 📍Located in Ipswich, a city northeast of London, it is a manor-style school. It has been established for 600 years, but the school is not dilapidated and has renovated many facilities, including music center 🎵 , drama center 💃 , and science laboratories 🧪 , churches ⛪️ and auditoriums, sports centers 🏊, etc.

🔥Easy to apply for high-quality private schools 5⃣️

🏫Rochsester Independent College

👉🏻Application requirements: English test + interview

👉🏻School Features: 📍Schools around London provide additional English courses to international students, and will also group students for teaching according to their academic level. Each Alevel student has a private account, regularly sends academic reports📄 , and often organizes off-campus trips. ⛷️

In addition, there are also some good British private schools. The application process is not complicated and there are still 🈳️ places available. I want to be a 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school. 🉑️Backstage✉️Didi Wang Million~

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