What is the 18-month Alevel course❓Who can study❓

Everyone may know that Alevel courses generally last two years, but most students may not know that Alevel courses also last for 18 months, which is one and a half years . So let’s do some popular science today🐟What is the 18-month Alevel like , who can study it, and what are the restrictions❓

The 18-month Alevel is generally called the Alevel crash course, which usually starts in January. It is essentially the same as the two-year Alevel course. The two-year Alevel course is generally called AS in the first year and AS in the second year. The first year is called A2. Generally, you choose 3-4 courses to study. After you get the predicted score in the first half of the A2 semester, you can start applying for undergraduate courses. ❗️Then the 18-month Alevel course is the AS course in the first 6 months and the A2 course in the last 12 months. So the period of time in AS was shortened by half a year✅

What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for an 18-month Alevel course ? ❓Everyone values ​​​​the 18-month course because it is cheaper than the two-year course✅ , and for students with basic knowledge, 18 months The course allows them to greatly reduce the time for non-essential subjects✅ , because the time is relatively compact⏰ , so the 18-month Alevel course is generally only provided to those students with a good language foundation✅ , the 18-month Alevel course in some schools It is required to reach the equivalent of IELTS 6.5 when enrolling, so the 18-month course has its advantages, and of course it is also a challenge for students🏎️ .

Such students are more suitable for the 18-month Alevel course

✅Have AS foundation

✅Want to repeat the AS course?

✅Limited budget

✅Age restrictions (older at the time of admission, 17 years old, 18 years old)

✅Good language foundation

✅Want to sprint G5

✅Want to transfer school

If you don’t know much about your situation, you can ask Fried Fish🐟 in detail💯, because not every school provides 18-month Alevel courses❌ , so while understanding your own situation, you may also want to find out what is available The school provides 18-month Alevel courses❤️

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