Today’s discussion: Is it harder to stay in the UK or to return to China?

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Will August be far behind when September comes? Will September be far behind when graduation comes ? Can it be far behind when graduation comes? Can work be far behind when work comes? Can anxiety be far behind when work comes ? The editor is also a member of the anxious army this year. Faced with returning to China in 996, is it still hard to move bricks? It seems that I am lying flat in the UK, but in fact I am involved in two choices. I am thinking about and wavering every day😭 So adhering to the principle that I cannot be the only one anxious , I decided to share my anxiety with the majority of international students❤️ It can be said that sharing anxiety with everyone will reduce the anxiety by half ( no 

✨The anxiety of returning home and the crisis of not finding a job

Share a piece of data I saw. Why is the student employment rate this year less than 3%? Because of the economic downturn every day🈶️more than 2,500 companies have closed down. The company's survival has become a problem. Employees are facing losing their jobs, not to mention graduates looking for jobs😰 This year, the number of college graduates has exceeded 10 million. The pie is less, but the number of people sharing the pie will naturally increase. A large number of people will not be able to share the pie. The employment situation cannot be said to be bad, but can only be said to be very bad . 💔 There is indeed some sinking market demand. For people, such as housekeeping, express delivery, logistics, etc., but there is such a gap in the market that overseas students will not even look at or even think about. Then the returnees will become kelp after returning from overseas and being unemployed at home😢

✨Anxiety about changing to work visa in the UK

Although Psw startup hpi and other visas seem to be robbing talents, there are many pitfalls in them. For example, psw costs 2000 ➕💷After the application is completed, it only has the lowest hourly salary and 🈚️ the lowest annual salary is guaranteed for 2 years and will not be counted towards the permanent residence requirements. Within five years and 🇬🇧 now 💰📈 statistics, the average salary 💰 of fresh graduates in 🇬🇧 is 2w4 💷And most of the rent is around 800 💷 to 1000 💷 . In other words, after paying the rent, there is basically not much left. The probability is that you have to rely on family subsidies... And many companies will screen you out when they see that you have a PSW visa that can only stay for two years by default... 🤬 So what about the big companies that can directly provide work visas? They have a limit on the number they can issue. 😭There are about 20,000 students a year, but there are 40,000 international students studying in the UK. All international students are divided into these 20,000 work visas🫓The competition cannot be said to be fierce, it can only be said to be a fight. The editor searched... and received 15 rejection letters... 😭 And if you don’t get the offer you want after two years, you will return home in despair and lose your status as a fresh graduate...

So it’s difficult, my friends, I’m worried, but in the end, let’s pass on some positive energy👻 to everyone. If you can’t meet your own psychological expectations, lower your expectations and accumulate your own hard power. Then you won’t be afraid of not having opportunities💪 And When looking for a job, you have to cast a wide net like Neptune and there will always be one little one caught ! Finally, has anyone successfully found a job in 🇬🇧 or is there anyone who wants to work in the UK? ! Backstage si ✉️ Us! Maybe we can form a group to cheer each other up and share our anxieties!

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