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Today’s private school sharing episode 24: Eton College , a famous boarding boys’ school located in the small town of Eton Windsor, is one of the nine public schools in 🇬🇧

❗️This school has traditionally only admitted 1,480 boys aged 13 to 18. The tuition and accommodation fees for each resident student for one academic year (three semesters) are about 4,200 💷 . Eton College can be said to be the best middle school in the UK. Among the approximately 250 graduates every year, more than 70 will enter Oxford and Cambridge, and 70% will enter the world's famous universities.

School Category✅ : Boys’ School

Date of establishment⏰ : 1440

School population👨‍👨‍👦 : 1480

International student ratio: 10 %

Grade requirements : Alevel-84.62 GCSE-96.19

School introduction❗️

In 1440 , King Henry VI of England founded Eton College, which initially provided free education to seventy poor students as a preparatory school for entering King's College, Cambridge University. In the early days, Eton was a school for common people. However, after the compulsory education system became popular in the 17th century, the school gradually became aristocratic. Members of the British royal family have always sent boys to Eton. Eton has also trained twenty prime ministers.

✅In the UK, middle schools generally require students to enter school at the age of 13 . As far as Eton is concerned, applicants need to register two years in advance and participate in two rounds of assessment. In other words, if you want to enroll in 2024 , you must register before June 30 , 2021. The registration fee is 400. Specific information needs to be submitted online, including student personal information, parents' personal information, etc. After passing the preliminary screening, candidates need to take an assessment test to determine whether they can obtain conditional admission in grade 6 in the UK (around grade 5 in China). The assessment is divided into two rounds.

Round 1 Assessment: Students need to participate in The ISEB Common Pre-Tests held in October and November every year when they are in grade 6 in the UK. In addition, the student's homeroom teacher is also required to issue a report on the student's academic abilities, extracurricular interests, and personal personality characteristics.

Round 2 Assessment: The second round of assessment was developed jointly with experts from the University of Cambridge and is called the Eton List Test . It is held at Eton College in the spring semester or summer semester of students' sixth grade. On exam day, students will participate in an independent interview, group assessment, and take a test that further assesses academic ability. This exam uses 💻 to answer questions, which is not only based on students’ current knowledge reserves, but also requires students to have basic 💻 skills. ⚠️Exams are difficult! There are only 1,000 registration places for each Eton year, and the number of admissions is about 250 .

If the above exams are passed, students will get a Conditional offer . Students 🉑️make an appointment to visit the dormitory in the ☝️ or second semester of 7th grade. Students need to pass the Private School Unified Examination CE or the Eton Entrance Examination in Year 8 ( 12-13 years old) before they can get a formal offer .

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