🇬🇧A collection of quality secondary schools in London

Recently, I have received many comments from classmates and parents about secondary schools in London, so Mr. Fried Fish will publish a collection of high-quality secondary schools in London~

🌟DLD College London

The only school that provides accommodation in the center of the UK, with ultra-modern teaching facilities and accommodation environment, it is the first choice for art students. Every year, many people advance to well-known colleges such as UAL , Royal Arts, and Saint Martins. The school also provides Mac computers, and BTEC courses are currently the only one to offer e-sports courses. The principal was hired from Sexey, one of the top ten public schools in the UK, and the school's performance is steadily improving.

⭕️Admission requirements: OPT required ➕Interview

⭕️Tuition➕Accommodation : 58k

🌟City of London Freemen's School

London Fairman School is owned by the City of London. They have three private schools ranked 🔝 50 in the UK. School students can enjoy more of the academic influence and business background brought by the City of London. Six students were also invited to participate in the selection of the British international team, and their swimming team is nationally famous. The location is also very good, with an entire national park green space in the Surrey area for students to use.

⭕️Entry requirements: 13+ (Reading GCSE ) is Maths and English written test ➕Logical Reasoning ( NVR ) UKISET

16+ (reading Alevel ) is UKISET ➕English internal test (reaching IELTS level 6) ➕Interview➕Alevel course selection test

⭕️Tuition ➕Accommodation : 12k per semester

🌟Mill Hill School

The campus is huge, with complete facilities, large green spaces and beautiful natural scenery, and its grades are above average. The school is also one of the leading sports schools in 🇬🇧 . It attaches great importance to students' sports talents and carries out many sports activities. The school has achieved excellent results in terms of admission to higher education. Since 2017 , more than 60% of students have received offers from Russell Group universities.

⭕️Admission requirements: OPT CAT4 ➕Interview

⭕️Tuition➕Accommodation : 40k

🌟King 's Ely School

The school is located next to the famous Iri Cathedral, with an elegant and comfortable environment. The buildings on the school maintain the classical colors of the Middle Ages. The school attaches great importance to the development of students. Not only does it often have sports competitions with other schools, but it also has additional music festivals and drama clubs. One-third of the students can skillfully use a piece of music.

⭕️Admission requirements: Maths and English test ➕Interview

⭕️Tuition➕Accommodation : 40k

🌟Kent College , Canterbury

It is a manor-style school with a beautiful environment. It has a pasture and provides free equestrian lessons. There are many activities on weekends without classes, such as sports competitions, museum visits, outdoor trips, etc. The school will build a dormitory specifically for sixth form students in 2024 , providing an additional 35 rooms with bathtubs. In addition to Alevel , the school also offers IB courses.

⭕️Admission requirements: OPT ➕Interview

⭕️Tuition fee: 7k per semester

⭕️Accommodation : 9-13k per semester

🌟 MPW Mander Port man Woodward

MPW London campus features art majors. It is located in South Kensington, one of the famous wealthy areas in London. It is surrounded by famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Imperial College, etc., so its tranquility and environment are definitely is very good. The school maintains small class teaching, and teachers from UAL prepare portfolios for preparatory courses. 95% of preparatory courses studied at MPW can be admitted to UAL .

⭕️Admission requirements: OPT ➕Interview

⭕️Tuition fee: 8-9k per semester

🌟Christ 's Hospital School

A traditional British private boarding school, the most famous blue robe school uniform is called Blue Robe Public School. The cafeteria was also the filming location of the Harry Potter movie. The school's sports performance is very good , and all available sports facilities are available here. Moreover, the school also allows students to go to the Royal Conservatory of Music for further studies. Every year, students enter the University of Cambridge to major in music, and some students receive scholarships from professional music schools.

⭕️Admission requirements: Alevel admission requires 4 GCSE subjects with 7 points and 4 GCSE subjects with 6 points

⭕️Tuition ➕Accommodation : 14k per semester

After looking at so many high-quality schools, is there any one you like? Welcome Didi, 🇬🇧Free🆓fees for middle school🈸️

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