Public administration experience at the University of Birmingham

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today is a long time coming🇬🇧College experience. We invited Senior F from the University of Birmingham’s Public Administration major to hear his story about this major.

Q:Introduce yourself

👦 : I am an international business major from a university in the south of 🇬🇧 with an average score of 60

Q:What is the difference between public policy and public administration?

👦 :The scope of public administration is broader  It covers various aspects such as policy, economy, etc. There are some management-oriented courses as well as some administrative courses, such as Introduction to Human Resources and E-Government. For public policies, the main direction is more political.  Policy strategy, policy analysis, improvement of policy formulation system, policy evaluation and development of policy science. I feel that public management requires more skills. 8 hhhh Public policy focuses more on its analysis and research, and then the main training is evaluation ability, while public management focuses more on it. Management orientation, cultivating students’ application abilities

Q: Do you have many Chinese professionals?

👦 : When did the number of Chinese people in Birmingham exceed 85% of the Chinese people in our profession?

Q: Please introduce your favorite course

👦 :public leadership  This is this major. It cultivates your leadership and management abilities and it focuses more on how to mediate and allocate resources in the job. I feel that it is more focused on my future employment. I want to go to the customs or the judicial system. I feel that this major is for you. Tailor-made for the civil service examination

Q: Is your professional exam difficult?

👦 : There are no exams, only papers. Three courses in one semester. A total of 4,000 words written in each semester. They are divided into assignments 1 and 2. So our vacation is very long because we can go out during reading week and exam week! Come study this major and travel around Europe is not a dream! 😎

Q: What do you think of the University of Birmingham and the city of Birmingham?

👦 : Our university is not in the city center but in the suburbs, but there is a train station inside the school 🚂 It only takes 8 minutes from the university station to the city center, which is very convenient! (Anyway, there aren’t classes every day. I live near a toy box. It’s a nice place with lots of Chinese people and lots of activities. You don’t have to be alone in emo every night. The city of Birmingham is quite chaotic . Especially on weekend nights, it’s recommended to stay in a group. Let’s go out together and go home as early as possible on the weekend🏠

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