A nanny-level tutorial for young people studying abroad for their first time abroad

School is about to start again. Teacher Fried Fish sees that many students are anxious and don’t know what to do when entering the country for the first time. Teacher Fried Fish will post a nanny-level guide to the entry process for students who are studying abroad for the first time. ! It includes the entry process, things to prepare, and questions that customs will ask~

☎️You can buy a sim card in China, activate it and put it on as soon as you fly, so you won’t be without network.

✈️Before landing on the plane, you will fill out an entry form. Just fill it out truthfully. If you encounter anything you don’t understand, you can ask the flight attendant.

🚽Be sure to use the restroom on the plane during the first semester of school, as the queue to go through customs will be full! Slightly slower. If you get off the plane and go through customs at Heathrow Airport, you will have to queue for at least three hours ‼ ️

💾You can put the required information [housing / accommodation contract] [ CAS ] [air ticket] [passport] [visa] [IELTS score] in your carry-on luggage in advance. It is not necessary to use all the information, but you must have the necessary ones. get ready.

🚶‍♀️Remember after getting off the plane:

1⃣️Follow the crowd

2⃣️Find Arrival on the sign

You can find the customs. For Chinese passports, you need to go through the " all other passport " channel. Generally, there will be a staff member at the end of the queue asking which country the passport is from and instructing you which queue to queue in.

👮‍♀️Hand your passport and air ticket to the customs officer inside the small window. Remember to show your full face to the customs for confirmation. Then he will ask you to press your fingerprints. They will usually stretch out their fingers to show you which fingerprint you should press. At this time, they will usually start to ask questions:

1⃣️Which school to attend ( school, university, college )

2⃣️Your purpose of coming to the UK ( purpose )

3⃣️Where do you live ( live, address )

4⃣️What major do you study ( major, course, study)

5⃣️How long do you want to stay in the UK ( how long, stay )

6⃣️Who pays the tuition ?

Even if you are so nervous that you can’t say a word, it doesn’t matter. Customs will coordinate with people around you to translate for you.

🧳After passing customs, look for the " baggage claim " area on the sign, and look at the big screen on the baggage carousel to find the corresponding flight claim.

🚗After leaving the airport, you can use " Google map " to check the route to the school and then use " Uber " to take a taxi. The software is all in Chinese, so don't worry about not understanding it. If the school is far from the airport, it is recommended to find the airport pick-up online first.

Hurry up and send this nanny-level tutorial to your friends who are about to embark on a study abroad journey! 🇬🇧Middle school🈸️ , backstage ddd ~

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