Can students from public schools in the system come to the UK to study in secondary schools?

The answer is: 🉑️

Let’s first talk about the difference between [public schools within the system] and [British secondary schools].

📖About going to college:

🔘Those who study liberal arts or science in public schools within the system usually take the college entrance examination to go to university. As long as one of the six subjects is missing, it is easy to miss out on the ideal university.

🔘Many British secondary schools offer different course options, such as Alevel , GCSE , IB , etc. Students only need to choose 3-4 of these courses with the best results to apply to the university.

📚About the course:

🔘I believe everyone knows about the courses of public schools within the system. There are only six required college entrance examinations. By the time I was in my third year of high school, there were no other classes at all. All day long, I was studying Chinese, math, and English, and I couldn’t even leave the classroom.

🔘In addition to the compulsory courses students choose, British middle schools usually also have various extracurricular activities such as social practice, concerts, dances, equestrians, club activities, etc. The teaching philosophy of most British secondary schools is to allow students to develop their potential in all aspects as much as possible.

💰About tuition fees:

🔘Public schools within the system generally charge lower fees, and the total of various living expenses, accommodation fees, tuition and miscellaneous fees may only be 50,000 per year.

🔘The fee-based accommodation in British middle schools is generally 100,000-200,000 per semester, which may be a lot of money for many people. However, many good middle schools have scholarship systems that reward students with excellent academic performance to reduce the tuition fee by half or completely.

How can I go to high school in the UK❓

✅The application process for famous schools like Westminster School and Harrow School is no less difficult than university application. If you can get into these elite schools, it means you are not far from the top 100 universities in the world. This also means that everyone is struggling to get here. Go to these selective high schools. Therefore, it is generally recommended to apply [ 2-3 years] in advance.

✅The British academic system is different from that in China. The enrollment nodes are generally divided into:

Year 7-11 years old

Year 9-13 years old

Year12-16 years old

The preparation time can be considered based on the point at which you want to enroll.

What conditions do students who want to study abroad need to meet❓

🌟Current students (proof of enrollment required)

🌟Transcripts for each stage (each school has different standards)

🌟Language transcript (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)

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