Middle school students within the system can also come 🇬🇧 ​​to study in middle school❗️

Fried Fish has received many backends from students and parents . Can dd allow students in the system to come to study in the UK❓


☑️Meet the entrance age and pass the entrance examination

🔘The key enrollment nodes for middle schools are generally divided into:

Year 7-11 years old ( 11+ enrollment)

Year 9-13 years old ( 13+ enrollment)

Year12-16 years old ( 16+ enrollment)

The preparation time can be considered based on the point at which you want to enroll.

🔘According to the different requirements of each school, the entrance exams are also different. Common written exams are:


▫️Mainly examines logical, numerical, spatial and verbal reasoning. Usually, we observe the characteristics of the images or words in the question, find out the patterns, and make analogies after understanding the meaning of the words.

✔️School exam

▫️Mathematics and English are compulsory subjects. They are tests that focus on the ability to apply basic knowledge. The test content is all learned in China. It is recommended that you must lay a solid foundation in English, improve your vocabulary, and do more reading, listening and writing. , the examination subjects are not too difficult. (For details, please see the secrets for passing the written test published before by Fried Fish)

🔘What will be tested in the interview?

Most interviews last between 15-30 minutes, usually:

✔️General personal questions

✔️Questions about logical thinking ability

✔️Current issues

For example:

▫️ Tell me about yourself ( family ) .

▫️ Why are you interested in our school ?

▫️ What is your weakness ?

⚠️There may be higher English proficiency requirements for students within the system . Students who have the ability but poor English proficiency will be arranged for multiple interviews or additional English courses

❓How to plan the application timeline?

One year before admission:

6 months ago - Take various exams that can prove your ability and improve your scores.

June-September - Continue to brush up your scores and visit schools to make school selections.

October-November - Submit application and wait for review.

November- February - take the school exam

Year of admission:

February - Get admission notice

March- August - CAS issuance and visa application

⚠️Some schools require preparatory tests 1-2 years in advance

‼ ️The better the middle school, the sooner you need to apply ‼ ️

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