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In the British teaching model, physical activities have always been a very important part. Excellent sports results are also a bonus for entering a good university. Today, let’s take a look at the private schools suitable for studying physical education with Mr. Fried Fish. ~

🏫Eton College

As a famous aristocratic school, its academic ability and teaching quality are beyond doubt. The school has 45 rugby and soccer teams, 18 hockey teams, 22 cricket teams, 10 rowing teams and 40+ tennis teams, as well as basketball, fencing, sailing and rock climbing, etc. Each event has at least one competition every school year. . There is also a national standard track and field stadium and a rowing lake opened for the Olympic Games.

🏫Mount Kelly College

The school's swimming team is famous in the UK. Since its establishment in 1978 , more than a hundred athletes have participated in the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, etc., and have won 8 Olympic medals, 16 Commonwealth medals and 27 Paralympic medals. Not to mention the school’s training facilities, all of which meet Olympic standards. The school not only provides venues, but also coaches, meals, recovery facilities and more. Students who are good at swimming can give it a try.

🏫Mill Hill SchoolMill Hill School

As one of the leading sports schools in the UK, it has trained no less than 7 international sports players and has 41 football teams, 28 hockey teams and 45 rugby teams, etc., from September 23 to April 24 . There are four rugby matches, one hurling match and two football matches during the term. The school is also the only school in London with a golf academy, employing world-leading professional players as coaches.

🏫Cobham Hall School

The school is highly ranked for triathlon, equestrian and cross-country sports, and each year the girls are able to compete in events such as the annual equestrian show and cross-country championships. He also competed in triathlons for Team GB. He also trained the record -breaking champion freestyle swimmer at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

🏫Christ 's Hospital School

As a private school with excellent sports performance, it has given every student the opportunity to participate in sports such as sailing, mountain biking, raft building, mountaineering, rock climbing and camping every year starting from this year. Its teaching philosophy is " academic and personal The development is not limited to the classroom. It has first- class sports facilities, and its hockey, football, rugby and netball teams have consistently performed well and consistently.

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