The distance between you and a 🇬🇧 British master’s degree is only one preparatory course!

Everyone knows that it has been difficult to apply directly to study for a master's degree in the UK in recent years. Currently, more students prefer to enter a British university to study for a master's degree through preparatory courses, which is simple, fast and easy to apply for. Preparatory courses authorized by British universities to educational institutions. There are mainly six groups: Study group , Into , Kaplan , Navitas , CEG and NCUK . Each group has its own British institutions that it cooperates with. Today, Mr. Fried Fish brings you some tips for applying for a British master's preparatory program. If you are interested, please save them .

1. Application conditions

Education requirements: At least 3 years of higher education. Those with lower undergraduate graduation scores, undergraduates without a degree, junior college, self-taught undergraduate, adult-entrance examination undergraduate, night university, etc.

Language requirement: IELTS 4.5-6.0 . For example, INTO Manchester requires 5.0 ( reading5.0 and writing5.0 ), and the University of Plymouth requires IELTS 6.0 ( 5.5 ).


(1) Undergraduate double certificate and junior college diploma ( or proof of enrollment )

(2) IELTS score ( can be supplemented later )

(3) Personal statement

(4) College transcript

(5) Letter of recommendation ( required by some colleges )

2. Advantages of Master’s Preparatory Program

After studying abroad for a long time in the UK, Mr. Fried Fish still feels that studying for a master's degree in the UK has a certain degree of professionalism, so the preparatory course can better connect to the master's course, lay the foundation for one year of research, understand the master's course in advance, and become familiar with the British environment. . The admission requirements for the master's preparatory program are low, the start time is flexible, and the admission rate for British master's degrees is very high. It is suitable for those who want to change majors but have no foundation and who have just come from China. It is still very necessary.

3. Master’s Preparatory Course

Mr. Fried Fish also visited many British universities that cooperate with pre-master’s programs, mainly in these majors: business, law, media, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, life sciences, engineering, computers, psychology, medicine, and environmental studies. Art design, architecture, tourism hotels, and more majors are welcome to send private messages to Mr. Fried Fish for inquiries!

After reading the above content, do you think it is not that difficult to apply for a master's degree in the UK? It is only a preparatory distance away. Anyone who is interested in this area is welcome to send private messages to Mr. Fried Fish at any time. Fried Fish has prepared a more detailed process for everyone here for your convenience. Application.

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