Are you ready to enroll in 🇬🇧Master’s Preparatory Program in September 24❓

The master's preparatory courses in September 2023 and January 24 can be said to be competitive. To break it down, the master's preparatory course at the University of Glasgow is terrifying. In July and August 22, it had already surpassed the master's preparatory courses in September of the following year. All seats in January are sold out😅 , and it is hard to find a room in the dormitory🥴Many students can only live in the suburbs🌳And then they can only take the train to school every day⏰It sounds scary🥹So dear guest officers, 24 years 9 The application for admission in January 2025 is about to begin again✅ Let’s take a look at the features of schools within and around QS100 and what materials are needed for application👍

In fact, there are not many universities within the top 100 that offer preparatory courses: Glasgow, Southampton, Birmingham, Sheffield, Durham; master's preparatory courses within the top 100 include: Nottingham, Newcastle, Queen Mary, York, Excester, Cardiff, Liverpool (in no particular order)

So after talking about so many schools, you may actually think that when looking at schools🏫just look at the ranking📈Everyone , the pattern is too small😅computer ranking📈These are the better ones: Southampton, Newcastle, Queen Mary, and Nottingham. For business studies : Excester, Glasgow, Durham. Engineering 📈 : Sheffield, Glasgow. Medical 📈 : York, Nottingham. Humanities 📈 : Cardiff, Durham, Queen Mary.

In fact, if we look at the majors or certifications of the disciplines, schools with slightly lower rankings will have higher recognition of certain majors . Secondly, there is the commonplace issue of pass rate , which is mainly due to Du Lun. Many majors in this school in London require you to be in the top five in your class to enter the school. Secondly, some majors require you to have an average score of 75, but... most schools only require 60, such as Sheffield and Glasgow. , this is a bit ridiculous 😅 So Durunda 咩

The materials required to apply are also relatively simple. If you are a three-year full-time college student, you will need an average of 80 points when you graduate. Graduation certificate, transcript, and passport are enough. If you are a full-time undergraduate student, you will need 60-70 points. Points, graduation certificate, degree certificate, transcript, and passport are enough. For other self-study exams, those who want to advance to undergraduate degree need case by case❗️

Rumor has it that Glasgow will be open for admissions in September 2024 and January 25 around June 6th🈸️So it is estimated that they will be snatched up in a month or two, what are you waiting for🤠Hurry up, the backend is now available Submit the information and we will ensure that you are the first batch of students to get the offer❤️

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