If you do these things, you can get into the top private schools in the UK❗️

According to the different education methods between China and the UK, can you get into a top private school just by having good grades❓

❌No , good grades alone are not enough.

🤙Confidence and eloquence

Children who have received the educational atmosphere and philosophy of British private schools usually do not suffer from stage fright since childhood. They have good oral skills and strong self-confidence and often stand out in private school interviews. The interview accounts for the same proportion as the written test. If you are timid during the interview, the interviewer will not give it to you even if your written test score is No. 1 in Tsuen Ying.

🌍Multi -language education

Children in private schools have been exposed to multiple languages ​​since elementary school, such as Spanish, French, Chinese, German, etc., while domestic students can usually only learn one language, English, which is not very common in top private schools with fierce competition. Big advantage. Learning multiple languages ​​is not just about getting extra points in private school exams, but can benefit you throughout your life.

🏄‍♀️Extracurricular activity habits

In China, due to busy schoolwork, most children often do not have time to engage in any activities, but in British education, physical activities are the most valued. Children in British private schools learn football, basketball, cricket, tennis and even sailing, equestrian, golf, etc. from an early age. If they get competitive rankings in sports activities, they will get extra points in the entrance exam. In addition to sports, British children also receive art education, such as design, illustration, etc., which is also a plus.

🗣Good thinking skills

The most important thing in private school interviews is thinking ability. Children in British private schools develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, etc. from an early age. They encourage children to ask questions and reason, which is rarely seen in domestic children. If you don't have good thinking skills, you will be exposed in front of the interviewer as soon as you open your mouth.

📖Reading habits

It is difficult for domestic children to develop the habit of reading extracurricular books in a tight period of time, but children in British private schools start reading at the age of 7 and can read world classics by the age of 10 . Once you have good reading habits, you can develop good thinking logic, thereby accumulating vocabulary, broadening your horizons, and calmly handling written tests and interviews in private school interviews.

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