Commonly used spoken English conversations when entering the UK 🇬🇧

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Entering the UK🇬🇧 Many friends are interested in Level 1⃣️ and expressed anxiety about taking international flights. Let me take stock of it today The English you need to communicate when taking international flights and entering the UK and customs 🛃

Flights ✈️


Aisle aisle by the window land landing 🛬️ check in check in gate baggage drop luggage carryon bag carry on bag blanket transfer transfer duty free duty free currency


May I see your passport, plz?

can i see your passport

Plz show your boarding pass.

Please show your boarding pass

When will the plane take off?

When does the plane take off🛫️

Where is my seat ?

where is my seat

When will the plane arrive in London?

When will the plane arrive in London?

Customs 🛃

Where are you staying?

where do you live

What's the purpose of your visit?

What is your purpose of coming to the UK this time?

-For studying.

Which university are you going to study at?

Which university do you plan to study at?

  • University of Southampton…

(According to my school

What's your major?

your major is

⚠️It may also be said that study in is also asking professionals.

-Marketing /accounting/finance/media/computer science…

( Based on my own expertise)

May I see your declaration form?/ Anything to declare?

Can I see your customs declaration form?

-I have nothing to declare

How long are you going to stay in UK?

How long do you plan to stay in the UK

-3 years/ 6 months/ one year…

( Answer based on your actual situation

These are some general questions Don't be too nervous, everyone The staff at the customs 🛃 know that everyone is a student I won’t deliberately make things difficult for everyone! You can leave ⬇️your flight number✈️ below to see if there are any flying friends who will fly together🛫️ !

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