A book list for teenagers recommended by Cardiff Middle School, the number one school in the UK

🌟 EDUQAS Biology for AS Student Book

🌟 EDUQAS Biology for A2 Student Book

🔘Author : Marianne Izen

Designed to be motivating and student-friendly, this book will support students every step of the way through the course and prepare for exams.

🌟Understanding Biology for Advanced Level

🔘Author : Glenn Toole

A reference book for school students with detailed content and complete illustrations. There are exam questions at the end of each chapter to help consolidate.

🌟 EDUQAS Chemistry for AS level:Student Book

🌟 WJEC Chemistry for AS:Study and Revision Guide

🔘Author : Peter Blake, Elfed Charles, Kathryn Foster

This book is written entirely in clear and simple language. Each chapter has regular tests to consolidate knowledge, and the book's large number of questions, tests and prompts help ensure students have a good grasp of the key content of each topic.

🌟 EDUQAS Chemistry for A2:Student Book

🔘Author : David Ballard, Rhodri Thomas

Written in clear and simple language, the book is packed with questions, tests and prompts to help ensure students have a good grasp of the key elements of each topic.

🌟 A/AS Level Computer Science for WJEC/EDUQAS Student Workbook

🌟 COMPUTER SCIENCE AS/A Level for WJEC/EDUQAS Cambridge Elevate Enhanced Edition

🔘Author : Mark Thomas, Alistair Surrall, Adam Hamflett

This student's book develops computational thinking, programming, and problem-solving skills. Suitable for all abilities, it contextualizes computing and gives students a realistic understanding of professional applications of computing skills.

🌟 Economics

🔘Author : John Sloman, Dean Garratt, Jon Guest

It has been specially updated for 2020/21 to take into account the latest developments in the global economy, including the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It also retains all the features of previous editions and continues to provide a balanced, comprehensive, and up-to-date introduction to the world of economics.

🌟 Foundations of Economics

🔘Author : Andrew Gillespie

The style of this book is suitable for first-year economics students and non-economics students. It is equipped with plenty of examples and clear diagrams, making it very friendly for non-native English-speaking students.

🌟 Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced with Answers

🔘Author : Pauline Cullen

This book covers all the vocabulary required by students with an IELTS score of 6.5 and above, and provides students with exam tasks for each paper.

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