A complete guide for public school students to study in private schools in the UK

In the last issue, we shared the differences between public schools and British middle schools. Today we will talk about the timeline for applying to British middle schools Sharing of schools that can be applied ~

The secondary schools in the British education system include domestic junior high schools and high schools.

✅The key admission nodes are:

Year 7-11 years old (equivalent to sixth grade in China)

Year 9-13 years old (equivalent to the second grade of junior high school in China)

Year12-16 years old (equivalent to the second year of high school in China)

The better the school, the more difficult the entrance exam will be. It is recommended to prepare 1-3 years before [entry age].

✅Timeline :

One year before admission:

📖 5 months ago - Brush your scores, whether it is language scores or school scores, of course the higher the score, the better.

📖 May -June - Start choosing schools and prepare relevant materials.

📖 June -October - Start submitting application materials

📖 October -December - take the school’s entrance exam➕interview

Year of admission:

📖 2 months ago - received offer

📖 February - May - CAS issued

📖 May -August - Visa application

📖 September —— Enrollment

✅Schools you can apply for:

🔘Queen Margaret's School for Girls ( Top 50 top girls' schools )

🔘Ambede Middle School Mander Port man Woodward (One of the flower boards for artistic students🔝 )

🔘Cardiff Sixth Form College (Hengshui, UK, Top 3 in the UK )

🔘Rochester Independent College (small class education, one-on-one tutoring)

🔘West minster School (Oxbridge Harvester)

🔘Hurtwood School (excellent results)

🔘Christ 's Hospital School (Cambridge music majors are admitted every year)


There are more excellent middle schools, you can visit Teacher Fried Fish’s homepage.

British middle school 🈸️ , Didi understand the background~

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