🇬🇧A complete guide to Lancaster University Master’s Preparatory Program application

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

The school's master's preparatory program is in cooperation with INTO Group. It has the best environmental science department and lums school of management in the UK👏🏻 , and the school's arts and humanities are ranked 4⃣️2⃣️ in the world, education is ranked 5⃣️1⃣️ in the world, and business and economics are ranked in the world. 6⃣️9⃣️ , Law ranks 8⃣️9⃣️ in the world, and Social Sciences ranks 9⃣️3⃣️ in the world. It is worth reading. Students who want to study in Lanka’s master’s preparatory program can read this article and remember to bookmark it ~

QS ranking: 122

✅Master ’s preparatory program admission rate: 84%

✅Whether language scores are required: Just like undergraduate preparatory courses, you can apply for a seat in advance and provide the required language scores before admission.

✅School start time:

January👉🏻 2nd semester

September👉🏻 3rd semester

Flexible start time

✅Master 's preparatory major direction:

🔹Business and Management Direction

🔹Social Sciences and Law

❗️Can be promoted to master’s degree (no background required):

Criminal Justice and Social Research Methods / Law / International Human Rights Law / International Law / Human Rights and Environment / Digital Business / Innovation and Management / Political Science / Foreign Affairs and Policy

❗️Can be promoted to master's degree (requires background):

Gender Studies / Intercultural Communication / Political Science / Philosophy and Management / Social Studies / Film Studies / Media and Cultural Studies

🔹Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

❗️Can be promoted to undergraduate major (background required):

Electronic Engineering / Advanced Mechanical Engineering / Engineering Project Management / Environmental Management / Psychological Research Methods / Sustainable Water Resources Management / Biomedicine / Cyber ​​Security / Statistics / Data Science

✅Application conditions:

🔹Four -year bachelor's degree with an average score of no less than 60% ,

🔹Four -year undergraduate diploma /3 -year college diploma with an average score of no less than 70%

✅Application materials:

Transcript + academic certificate / high school attendance certificate + resume + recommendation letter . Before admission, you need to provide the IELTS score required for this direction📖

✅Language requirements:

🔹IELTS no less than 5.5 , no individual component less than 5.5

💰Tuition fees:

Three semesters: around £17,500

The above is the complete application guide for Lancaster University's master's preparatory course. There are still 🈳️ places in September . If you want to 🈸️🇬🇧 preparatory course, the background ✉️ beeps. Submit the materials now, and you can get an offer the next day if you hurry!

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