Senior sister said: Things you must know about Lancaster University

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Lancaster University is located in Cashire, northwest England. One of the best universities in the UK Among the top three local rankings Both are ranked in the top 10 in the UK, especially Lanka’s business school, which is the top six-star business school in Europe in recent years. Lanka’s student satisfaction is also far higher than the UK university average It belongs to the level of conscience in the industry It can be said Lanka’s scientific research and academic reputation is very good in the UK But this is a university whose QS ranking is always 100 Never get up This has also become a pain in Lanka's life. But the low ranking does not mean that this school is inferior. Sister W , who once studied in Lanka , said: “ Throughout the three years of studying in Lanka, I have learned a lot. I'm going crazy! " What's the story between her and Lanka?" Let’s have a good time~

Q : Old rules introduce yourself 

A: My undergraduate degree was in Lanka I am majoring in business management It’s the famous business school~

Q: Lanka also adopts the academic system. What is your academic system like?

A: College has nothing to do with majors It’s assigned by the school you enter.  Graduate students are in the graduate college Undergraduate courses are randomly assigned to the remaining colleges. Each college has its own dormitory Restaurant event room and signage Various activities will also be held  Like free pizza or something like that There are also large-scale events I remember that the Federation of Students held a Chinese Culture Festival in my college activity room before, and the student union cooked some delicious food on the spot. There are also handicrafts and the like Also, when school first started, each college would organize a disco dance party together. There are special cars to go to clubs in town, and there are even more fancy Halloween and Christmas events. The activities of each college are different. You can also go to other colleges’ activities hhhh but I’m too busy and basically don’t have time to participate.

Q: You said you were too busy Why? Is studying in Lanka stressful?

A: Normal exams, papers, and final exams are really crazy. It's painful for me to recall now Our undergraduate program has eight courses per year Each subject has papers and exams We have three terms in total. The first two terms are the paper and the quiz, which we take turns to torture. The third term is the final exam All eight courses must be tested Normally, starting from Easter, we have to prepare for review But business studies need to be reviewed earlier than usual Otherwise, you won’t be able to review at all !!! It’s easy to fail the final exam If you fail, you have to make up the exam. If you fail to pass the make-up exam, you will have to repeat the grade. It’s really stressful. How did I get here in the past three years? my tears will tell you

Q: Lanka is a good professional But the overall ranking is not high How do you balance that?

A: It depends on yourself. Although there is a lot of academic pressure in Lanka, you can indeed learn a lot. Moreover, Lanka’s business school is also very famous. Although the overall ranking is not high, many companies in Lanka Business School also highly recognize it. Our undergraduate student pool is pretty good. It’s just that I’m just a little bit behind graduate school ... Besides, I know I want to go to graduate school, so I think a lower ranking for my undergraduate degree is fine. After all, professionalism is good It would be better if the graduate application ranking is higher!

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