About Wang Wanwan’s original intention

During my five years in the UK, one of the questions I was asked most often was: " You graduated from the University of Manchester, why don't you apply for a G5 graduate program? " " The domestic environment is so good and you are competitive, why don't you return to work in China? " " You have a house at home, why don’t you go back to your country to collect rent and have enough food and clothing?

In 2014 , I studied high school in the United States for one year. When I returned to China in 2015 , I was not used to the domestic education system. In 2016 , as expected, I failed the college entrance examination and did not even pass the Guangdong undergraduate course. At that time, it was the first time Feeling that my future was bleak, I thought of studying abroad, but my parents' obstacles made me waver in this idea again and again. I think my life should be decided by myself. In September 2017 , I caught up with the last train for the British undergraduate preparatory program. That preparatory program is the well-known INTO Manchester . From the day I got off the plane to now, I I became inseparable from Manchester and I never left. From 2017 to 2018 , it was like taking the college entrance examination again for me, and then I was successfully admitted to the University of Manchester, a university that everyone dreams of. Time passed, and my four- year study abroad career came to a successful end in June of last year. Return to your country and find a mediocre job? Like 99% of international students, continue to study in the UK? still ? Once again I was pushed to the cusp of choice.

Maybe it’s because all my past interns were related to studying abroad or language training institutions, during which I met a lot of students who were raped (I wasn’t involved hahaha). Studying abroad agencies are often associated with hei 🖤 : The application fee is very expensive but they apply to schools randomly and do nothing after taking the money ... 🇨🇳The impact that international students can bring to a university or even the education industry of a certain country is huge. , so the school actually welcomes Chinese students to study abroad, so why do we still have to be blamed by the agency after paying the high tuition fee 💰 ? Shouldn’t the school’s application be free? Does the price of realizing your dream really have to be so high?

There are so many international students, they may have their dream university, maybe they are also confused, maybe they will be taken advantage of, maybe I can do something to help them? So I finally chose to stay in the UK to start a business. Wangwanwan Education was established.

Wang Wanwan's original intention is simply not to want you to be denounced . To a larger extent, we hope to provide you with precise information, application time, application process, and nanny-style services to let you know that during the application process, you are Is the protagonist.

As for who I am? You must also have the answer.

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