Everything you want to know about 🇬🇧Middle School Admission Interview💡 is here✅

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British preparatory and middle school student.

📢Unlike domestic middle schools, British middle schools not only require students' written test scores, but also attach great importance to interviews. They regard interviews as "an opportunity to better understand their children" 🌟So the interview is also an important factor in determining whether you can be admitted. So what are the main contents of the interview ? How to deal with the interview ? Today the editor is here to answer your questions🫶🏻

💎What to investigate

Interviews usually examine students' mathematical abilities, understanding and reasoning abilities. Secondly, during the interview, the examiner will also consider the students' individual uniqueness, hobbies and interests, etc.🧐

💎How to prepare

Have a certain understanding of the school

Students can log in to the school ’s official website for detailed information👩🏻‍💻

For example, the school’s history, courses offered, school’s advantages, recent news, etc.

✅Calm and natural

The interview is a process of conversation and communication. Don’t panic even if you encounter questions you don’t know, so don’t rush to answer questions you don’t understand. It should be noted that when speaking, don’t speak too fast and keep it even. Otherwise, you will appear nervous❌

✅Active interaction

You can prepare two or three questions about the school to let the school feel your initiative in learning and enthusiasm for the school🎤

✅Improve English skills

The interview session requires very high English speaking and listening skills. You should consciously improve your speaking and listening skills at ordinary times🎭

💎Common interview questions

1️⃣Academic Background (Your Academic Background and School)

a) Tell me a little about your classes, your favorite classes in middle and high school and why?

b) Which course was the most difficult or challenging for you?

c) How did you like your middle and high school? How would you describe your school?

2️⃣Personal Life

a) Tell me a little about your own life, including your family background and where you grew up?

b) Which book, author, and movie or TV series do you like most? Why?

3️⃣Your Extracurricular Activities

a) In which extracurricular activity have you made the greatest contribution?

b) What are your hobbies and special interests?

4️⃣Question About High School

a) Which criterion is most important to you in choosing a school?

b) What are you most interested in in our school? Why do you want to study in this school?

🈸British middle school, backstage✉DiDiOh🥰✨

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