What you want to know about 🇬🇧Master’s Preparatory Program in the UK🤔️

Q: How much does it cost to pass the master’s preparatory course?

A: Glasgow 93% / Liverpool 95% / York 💯 / Nottingham 95% / Queen Mary 💯 / London City 💯 / Sheffield 85% / Newcastle 90% etc.

Q: Can I use the master’s preparatory degree from school A to apply for school B?

A: This involves everyone’s knowledge blind spot. Basically, there is little feasible space. For example, it is highly unlikely that you can use Glasgow’s pre-master’s degree to apply for a master’s degree at the University of Manchester. This involves the issue of academic qualification recognition. So try your best to choose to enter this school. If you can't meet the minimum requirements, you can only apply further.

Q: How much is the preparatory course fee?

A: The tuition fee for preparatory course is about 220,000 ↔️ . As for accommodation, if you don’t choose accommodation in London, it is basically only 80,000 per year. ↔️Living expenses vary from person to person, but basically 10,000 per month is enough.

Q: What are the IELTS requirements for preparatory courses?

A: Excluding majors with higher requirements such as English literature, law, and medicine, basically most IELTS requirements are 5.5-6.0, or there may be requirements for lower scores. Please refer to the requirements in the offer.

Q: What are the academic requirements for preparatory courses?

A: If you are a 3-year full-time college or a 4-year full-time undergraduate, you can basically apply. Some majors have requirements for professional background (your work experience and academic qualifications are required to match those you are currently applying for). If you are not For full-time undergraduates and part-time junior colleges, case by case analysis is required. Higher-ranking universities do not recognize 2-year part-time junior colleges. Specific case analysis is required.

Q: What materials are needed for application?

A: Degree certificate (if any), graduation certificate, transcript (with a hundred-point score), letter of recommendation (required by some majors), personal statement (required by cross-majors), Hu photos, etc.

Q: Which is better, September admission or January admission?

A: Actually, it’s the same. For example, if you enroll in September 2023 and January 2024, this batch will all be admitted to the master’s program in September 2024. And so on, September to June, January to January to August, but courses that start in September have a Christmas date. In fact, the time is pretty much the same. It mainly depends on the students’ own requirements and timeline.

Q: How to choose between Topup and Master’s Preparatory Course?

A: If you value an undergraduate degree, then choose top-up, but the risk is that you have to immediately enter the third year of your undergraduate degree. It will be difficult to adapt to complete academic knowledge without a foundation in English, and most schools are not very good at it. If you apply for a graduate degree if you accept top-level qualifications, it is basically hopeless to go to a university within at least 100, so you should consider the pros and cons yourself.

For those who will be admitted in September 2023 , the places in Glasgow are almost full, and there are still places in Sheffield🉑️🈸️. Wang Wanwan still applies for free🆓❤️

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