Things you need to know about applying for a British master's degree in 2023

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

There are currently many British colleges and universities open for 23fall applications ~ Nottingham, Cardiff, Manchester City, etc. This year, major universities have made some changes in application requirements, major settings , etc. Students need to follow up on these top information at any time💻

1️⃣Application conditions

  • KCL Business School encourages this year’s graduate applicants to submit GMAT/GRE scores (GMAT 670+, GRE 324) by 🈸️ .
  • The University of Cambridge has overall increased its average score requirements for applicants. For master's programs that require a first-class degree, applicants must meet the requirements of the top 30 985 universities in China, with an average score of 3.8/4.0, and the 211 universities, with an average score of 3.9/4.0, and other non-uniform scores must reach 4.0/4.0. The application thresholds for 2:1 degrees are 3.5/3.7/3.9 respectively.
  • Imperial College has also had cases of those who rejected 211🈸️ . Applicants who have announced that they will not accept applicants from dual non-schools. If they are 211 students, the average score requirement is 88/100 and GMAT scores are required.
  • UCL limits applications to two majors and divides Chinese theaters into three levels: A/B/C. Business School and Law majors only accept applications from Double First-Class or 211 graduates.
  • The University of Edinburgh has also released a list for Chinese universities, which has higher requirements for domestic undergraduates than before. For example, the Edinburgh Business School's master's degree had an average score of 80 last year. However, this year's upgrade of the school only accepts applications from graduates of schools in List A, and the average score is 85.
  • Bristol has set a limited application time for popular majors for 🇨🇳 students. The DDL for MSc data science last year for 🇨🇳 students was 11.23. Students should pay attention to the application time this year to avoid missing out.
  • Nan'an's 🔝Computer Science major has been stuck in the list since last year, mainly because of its high competitiveness

In addition, the University of Birmingham, the University of Warwick, the University of Manchester and other 🇬🇧 institutions have raised the threshold for 🇨🇳 student applications, because there are more applicants every year, so improving soft power is the last word. It can be said that you should prepare early and apply early🧐

2⃣️Professional settings

  • UCL will open its new campus UCL East, which will open about 60 undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students.
  • Imperial College has added two new majors: Economics, Finance and data science and Biomedical technology ventures.
  • Cambridge University launches an undergraduate major in Design tripos 
  • LSE Department of Anthropology, Department of Geography and Environment, Department of Politics, and Department of Mathematics all offer undergraduate majors

To sum up, the pressure to apply for British colleges and universities is becoming more and more competitive every year. Therefore , the background requirements of colleges and universities for applicants are gradually increasing, but some new majors will be opened every year for students to choose from . Wang Wanwan here recommends that 23fall applicants, whether undergraduate or graduate students, should pay attention to the latest news of the school in a timely manner📤 and submit applications as early as possible when applications are open👩🏻‍💻 .

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