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Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Friends who come to study in the UK🇬🇧 should know that🇬🇧 students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week🉑️ during the study period. They can work full time during the holidays and the duration of drunkenness does not exceed 40 hours . The good news🎺 is that🇬🇧 zhengfu intends to increase the parttime length from The original 20h is extended to 30h and it is even expected to completely cancel the working hours limit. The purpose is to create more labor force to fill job vacancies and revitalize the economy of 🇬🇧

🌟How to find part time

1⃣️The best way for large chain companies such as Starbucks M&S is to go directly to the company’s official website to search for nearby jobs, they will all come up, and then apply directly on the official website

2⃣️For some jobs such as small clothing stores, the store has recruitment notices and you can just walk-in with your resume. This is the most efficient way.

3⃣️The co-ordination method is indeed studentjob upwork, which is similar to domestic recruitment software. You can see relatively complete information on it.

4⃣️The job directory of the school student union also has many interesting part time opportunities there.

🌟About which type of part time to look for?

1⃣️Serious British-owned enterprises, chain retail stores such as Aldi Waitrose, they need part time for a long time. Generally, the work of cashiering and organizing shelves is easy, and the colleagues are nice . Not only can they practice speaking skills for free, but they can also earn some pocket money💰The supplementary life is quite happy.

✨Furthermore , British-funded companies are also contract-based, professional and formal

2⃣️Psychological tests range from 8 pounds to 16 pounds per hour and can also be completed remotely and online✅Every school has a recruitment website Google school name sona

3⃣️Be an English or Chinese tutor for Chinese people. This website tongbao885⚠️ can also be an online English as a foreign language teacher. There are many foreigners who want to learn Chinese and they can use their own advantages italki tutorful. These websites are all🉑️

4⃣️It is also very important for baristas to master a craft while studying abroad. Baristas with 0 experience in fast-moving coffee shops such as cafe Nero will also receive unified training.

⚠️Remember to apply for an NI number before applying. I hope you can find the ideal part time 🈶️Please let us know in the background if you have any questions!

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