🇬🇧A complete guide to the University of Leeds undergraduate foundation program, a must-read❗️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

There are three types of preparatory courses in this school, namely 1⃣️our school, 2⃣️sg group and 3⃣️NCUK . Relatively speaking, the entrance threshold for group preparatory courses is lower💯 . For example, the language score of the preparatory courses of this school is 5.5, and even 6.0 for some majors, while the group preparatory courses require The requirements are lower✅ , and the admission rate to the group preparatory course is relatively high✅ . Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when applying for the sg group preparatory course at the University of Leeds~ 👀

QS ranking: 75

✅The admission rate from undergraduate preparatory courses to main school: more than 80%

✅Whether language scores are required: You can apply first and then supplement the language test

✅School start time:

January 👉 2nd semester

September 👉 3 semesters

Flexible start time

✅Undergraduate preparatory major direction:

🔹Business , Law and Social Studies

🔹Science , Engineering and Computing

➡️After completing the preparatory courses in business, law and social studies, you can choose to study the school’s majors in business management, business management and marketing, economics, education, law, international relations, sociology, etc.

➡️After completing the preparatory courses in science, engineering and computing, you can choose multiple directions such as civil engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, aviation and aerospace engineering, etc.

✅Application conditions: The application conditions are the same for all directions

🔹The average score of sophomore high school graduates is not less than 75% (including at least 5 courses in major subjects)

🔹The average score of senior high school graduates is not less than 70% (including at least 4 courses in major subjects)

✅Application materials

Transcript 📄 + Chinese and English high school attendance certificate 📄 or graduation certificate 📄 + resume 📄 + letter of recommendation 📄 . IELTS transcript is required before admission 📝

✅Language requirements:

IELTS total score & writing score is no less than 5.0 and other items are no less than 4.0

If the language score does not meet the application requirements, the school will provide additional language classes🧑‍🏫

💰Tuition fees:

£19,800 (language classes require an additional £5,950)

✅Courses studied: several professional courses + English courses

There are always students struggling with the admission rate of Leeds University’s preparatory courses🤯 . According to official data, 80% of students successfully enter the school through the preparatory courses. Therefore, it is not a big problem to study hard👌🏻At present, many preparatory courses for next September have already started🈵️There is a warning, I think🈸️🇬 🇧Preparatory course, backstage✉Didi , submit the materials now, if you hurry, you will get the offer the next day!

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