I got the offer from the University of Leeds easily!

The University of Leeds is one of the top 100 universities in the UK. It is a famous red brick university and Russell University, and has cultivated many world Nobel Prize and Grammy Award winners. Some students often ask me whether it is difficult to apply to the University of Leeds? NO ! In fact, it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. The easiest way is to go directly from the preparatory school in Leeds to the university without taking A Level . Today, Mr. Fried Fish has sorted out the application requirements for everyone. If you are interested, please prepare together with Fried Fish!

1. Admission requirements for undergraduate students

language score

IELTS score : 6.0 , listening, writing, reading and speaking sub-scores not less than 5.5

Preparatory score: average score above 70

2. Establishment of preparatory courses

Business, Law and Social Studies Course: For students who want to major in business, economics, finance, law, and sociology. The teaching location is on the University of Leeds. After completing this course, you can directly enter the first year of the corresponding undergraduate program.

Science, engineering and computer courses: open to students who want to major in engineering, food science, computer, mathematics, physics and other majors. The teaching location is at the University of Leeds. After completing this course, you can directly enter the first year of the corresponding undergraduate program.

NCUK international preparatory courses: offered by domestic partner institutions and taught in domestic locations. 

3. Application materials:

Original high school transcript and English translation, academic recommendation letter, IELTS scores, valid passport, personal statement, students in the design direction need to prepare corresponding portfolios, etc. These application materials have been sorted out by Mr. Fried Fish for the students to avoid omissions and are more convenient for those who need them !

4. Popular majors

The University of Leeds has many majors ranked among the top 10 in the UK, such as business (top 9 in the UK), Asian studies (top 4 in the UK), electrical (top 5 in the UK), chemistry (top 8 in the UK), etc., through preparatory courses The study can better help students enter university study, especially for students who have no professional background but are interested in the majors of the University of Leeds. They can learn the knowledge in advance and become familiar with the rhythm, which will also be helpful in language. Fried Fish, who studied in the UK for a year as a preparatory course, was deeply touched by this. During this year of preparatory course, he not only learned a lot of professional knowledge and became familiar with the British environment, but also made many like-minded friends. After completing the preparatory course, he successfully entered the school!

The above is a rough preparation process. If you have any doubts, you can poke Mr. Fried Fish at any time. Because Mr. Fried Fish also applied for university from preparatory school in the UK, he understands everyone’s tediousness and confusion in the early stage of preparation. I hope my sharing can help everyone. .

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