Leeds seniors share their experience studying computer science in Leeds

Uu guys, it’s my turn to share my reading experience with you today!

I'm Yvonne , a 21fall Master 's student in Advanced Computer Science ( Data Analytics ) at the University of Leeds . I just completed the four final exams of my second semester of postgraduate studies last week . Today I will share with you my experience studying computer science at the University of Leeds~


Computer science postgraduate students at the University of Leeds need to complete eight courses plus a graduation thesis in one year. There are fixed compulsory courses and optional courses to choose from each semester. Below I will introduce to you some of the more important courses:

Data Science ( Semester1 )

As you can tell from the course name, this course is about introducing data-related content. You will mainly learn the whole process of data processing and analysis and the corresponding methods of each link. I think it is a course for students who want to work in data analysis positions in the future. A course that helped a lot. Normally, classes are mainly taught in the form of lectures , and the courses are not tightly arranged, with two classes a week. The main examination form is an online test ( MCQ ) + a data analysis report. This data analysis report will use Tableau , which is also an analysis software currently used by many major manufacturers.

Programming for Data Science ( Semester1 )

This course is an introductory course about Python , focusing on learning programming content and applying it to the field of data analysis. It is also very friendly to students who have not been exposed to or know little about Python . As the course progresses, you will gradually learn how to use Python for data preprocessing, data analysis and visualization, which is the content of the last big assignment. I personally feel that this course is relatively easy and interesting to learn, and the assessment content is also very reasonable: two programming assignments + one group programming assignment.

Artificial Intelligence ( Semester2 )

This is the legendary terrifying AI ! I should say that I find it really difficult, but the content taught in the course is very practical. This course is based on Python and intersects machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence algorithms, etc., and is taught in various fields of artificial intelligence. The assessment method of this course is two independent assignments plus an online final exam . The independent assignments are based on the applied practice of CNN and RNN .

Study experience:

Currently, I have been living in Leeds for eight months. During these eight months, I have truly felt the pressure of study and the happiness that Leeds has brought to me.

Studying computer science at the University of Leeds is not an easy task, especially for me who is not very good at coding. I have to spend a lot of time studying codes, algorithms, model optimization, etc. On average, there are four courses per semester and 2-3 assignments per course , which basically fills up all my time except vacations.

But living in Leeds, you can see beautiful sunsets every day. It is not a big city but it is very tolerant. Moreover, Leeds is located in the center of the UK, relatively close to Manchester City, York, and Liverpool. It is very convenient to travel and has a moderate consumption level. It is really a comfortable and livable city.

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