Leeds seniors share their experience studying at SCM at the University of Leeds

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

In response to a private message request from a fan , I would like to know more about the experience of studying SCM Supply Chain Management at the University of Leeds. Therefore, we found Senior Z, who has graduated, to provide students with some of his thoughts on studying in this major. SCM is affiliated with the Business School of the University of Leeds, ranked 92nd by QS as a school and 7th in its majors.


Supply Chain Management, University of Leeds

Application background

Undergraduate student in management at Loyola University Chicago, gpa3.14


The supply chain management major at the University of Leeds is divided into three semesters, with a total of nine compulsory courses (including graduation thesis) and one elective course (choose one from four), totaling 180 credits. The required and elective courses for the major are shown in the figure. The professional setting is more theoretical research .

One of my favorite courses

One of Senior Z’s favorite subjects during his graduate studies was the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management course (compulsory). The main content covered in this course: For many companies that are in line with international standards, different departments will be set up in different countries to control costs (for example, factory manufacturing is mostly in Asian countries, etc.). This course covers the business thinking of these multinational companies when setting up supply chains📈 , how to prevent the supply chain from being disconnected at a certain link, and how to ensure the adequacy and perfection of the supply chain , which is the basic guarantee for the smooth operation of multinational companies . Therefore, the setting of this class allowed Mr. Z to fully realize the importance of having a complete supply chain for a company . This required course also allowed him to gain a lot of theoretical knowledge and the ability to evaluate practical cases in the professional field. In addition, Senior Z also emphasized that the distribution of elective courses is both theoretical and practical. He believes that you can choose this part according to your own preferences .

What does ZUI like about the University of Leeds?

Senior Z thinks that what he likes very much about Leeds University is the friendly and serious attitude of the teachers . First of all, when seniors discuss issues with their tutors in professional classes, the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. This allowed him to relax and immerse himself in the communication process with his tutor, express his views freely, and receive appropriate feedback . In addition, another thing that Senior Z particularly likes about the University of Leeds is the atmosphere of the business school. Because there are many Chinese people majoring in business , and everyone is more academically inclined , the learning atmosphere is very strong, and group discussions will be organized spontaneously after class. Of course, whether it is a group discussion or a discussion with a tutor, in this process, it is definitely easier to absorb and output knowledge than just studying a paper .

The above is Senior Z’s detailed interpretation of the supply chain management major at the University of Leeds, and an introduction to the professional courses. Students can apply based on their actual situation. Detailed application requirements can be obtained by sending us a private message. If students also want to know which college and which major, you can tell us in the comments .

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