Ten 🇬🇧noble private schools that are difficult to get into

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

Today is the fun stuff 📒Top 10 British private schools that are hard to get into! Entering a private school is a status symbol in 🇬🇧 . Excellent celebrity alumni resources, excellent academic performance, interesting and rich extracurricular activities are all characteristics of private schools. This is why everyone wants to go to private schools.

1⃣️Tonbridge school

💰💷 15580/semester

✨The 150-acre boys’ school’s Victorian campus buildings were once the training venues for the 2012 London Olympics

2⃣️ Stowe school

💰💷 12951/semester

✨Students applying for admission to this school must take the CE exam and apply three years in advance

3⃣️ Benenden School

💰💷 12250/semester

✨The only ☝️ all-boarding girls’ school in the UK, Queen Anne’s alumni have a 4-year waiting list.

4⃣️ Charterhouse school

💰💷 14501/semester

✨One of the nine public schools’ 200 acres requires application 3 years in advance

5⃣️Ampleforth college

💰💷 13300/semester

✨The only ☝️Catholic✝️all -boarding school in the UK, where more than 70% of the students believe in Catholicism

6⃣️ The city of London School

💰💷 7019/semester (day study

✨The boys’ school is located in the heart of London and has excellent academic results10 ➕The exam admission ratio exceeds 10:1

7⃣️ Winchester school

💰💷 15312/semester

✨About 35% of graduates from all-boys boarding schools 🉑️enter Oxford and Cambridge for further studies. Wang Sicong once studied here

8⃣️ Westminster school

💰💷 15144/semester

✨It is located next to the British Parliament and Westminster Abbey. Admission to grade 9 is required, but early testing is required for grade 6, so it needs to be taken three years in advance🈸️

9⃣️ Harrow school

💰💷 15570/semester

✨An old all-boys boarding school with a long history  The course structure is very flexible, including economics, law, literature, history, mathematics, physics, etc., providing students with broad space for development.

🔟 Eton college

💰💷 15432/semester

✨The famous Eton College is the alma mater of Prince Harry and Prince William, the favorite of the British royal family.

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