Warwick seniors take you to experience studying life in the UK

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

In this issue, we have invited a sister from Warwick to bring students the experience of studying Marketing and Strategy ~

Application background

Domestic 211, marketing major, GPA 85%, one-term intern

School and major

Marketing and strategy (MSc), University of Warwick


There are 6 compulsory courses, as well as optional modules in thesis or business practice. There are 3 elective courses in total. Among the required courses, Negotiation and Strategic Leadership and Ethics are my favorite courses😜 , because the courses are still highly relevant to undergraduate majors, but these two courses are relatively new content, especially the content in the Negotiation course is very logical👍 🏻 , very interesting to learn. Elective options include Branding, Marketing Communication and Design, Marketing through Social Media, Luxury and Services Marketing. These three courses are all based on personal interests😻 , and the courses designed have good reputations! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Another aspect of design is design thinking.

Study experience

The reason for choosing Warwick is very simple, it ranks high and the school has a good reputation🔝 . Before applying, I went to the official website to check the detailed settings of the course. I was particularly interested in the course, so I chose the marketing major of this institution☑️ . Warwick has two marketing majors. The one I majored in has a background, and the other business with marketing major does not have a background⬆️ . Warwick's teaching quality is excellent👍🏻 , don't worry about that, but you still have to rely on yourself to learn✍️, no matter how good the teacher is, you have to work hard and be willing to learn in order to improve✊🏻 .

That’s it for this issue of British seniors’ experience of studying abroad. In addition, the University of Edinburgh Business School has opened 23fall applications. I hope all students can get their favorite offers!

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