🇬🇧Will single-sex schools become history? All major schools have been converted to co-educational schools⚠️

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is a British middle school and preparatory student.

Speaking of the conversion of single-sex schools into mixed schools in the UK, it has slowly developed into a common phenomenon in British schools🔛

☑️For example, Westminster School, one of the nine major public schools in the UK, issued a statement stating that it will transform from a boys’ school to a fully mixed school in 2030.

☑️Another public school with a long history, Winchester College , the alma mater of Wang Sicong and He Youjun, once only admitted boys. However, it will begin to accept day girls in the Six Form stage in 2021 , and will start boarding girls in September this year. You can also apply

☑️Shrewsbury School ( Shrewsbury School ) began to only admit boys. In 2008 , it started to admit girls. Now it has become a completely mixed school.

☑️Charterhouse School originally only admitted girls aged 16+, but in 2023 it will admit girls in all grades

There are many schools like this, and the proportion of single-sex schools is gradually decreasing⬇️

🤔Why does this happen❓

1⃣️ On the other hand, most British families have more than one child, and if there are boys 👦🏻 girls 👧 in a family, they will be more inclined to allow the children in the family to enter the same school, which will be more convenient✔️, so compared with single-sex schools Co-ed schools are less likely to be chosen🙅🏻

On the other hand, the competition for students in each school is fierce🔥 , and they all want to attract better students🧑🏻‍🎓 to enroll. Therefore, the school needs to attract more students to increase its income💰 , thereby improving the school’s hardware facilities, teachers, courses and Extracurricular activities, etc., mixed schools can attract more students

Thinking about whether to choose a boys’ school, a girls’ school or a mixed school when choosing a school❓

👦🏻Boys ' schools: More proactively cultivate the good character of men, such as Eton College. The school will also arrange more daily activities suitable for boys to cultivate boys' teamwork and leadership skills, and will also carry out some activities suitable for boys. Such as equestrian🐎 , ice hockey🧊 , etc.

👧🏻Girls ’ school: Sports activities are more suitable for girls, and there are also some table manners, clothing design👗 , musical instruments🎺 and other activities to improve girls’ temperament after class and on weekends.

👦🏻👧🏻Mixed school: There are both boys and girls in a mixed school. A mixed school is equivalent to a shrunken society. Here, students can adapt to social life in advance and cultivate students' ability to socialize with boys and girls. Various extracurricular activities are available regardless of gender. All activities are available👏🏻

Therefore, boys' and girls' schools and mixed schools each have their own benefits, and you should choose according to your own circumstances. Of course, for domestic students, if they have been in a mixed school before, they will still choose a mixed school after they go to middle school in the UK. It will be easier to adapt to the campus environment⚠️, and the results of mixed schools📄 will be more outstanding than those of single-sex schools. Currently there are still 🈳️ places in private schools for September 🇬🇧 . I want to be in 🈸️🇬🇧 middle school. Backstage✉didi ~

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