Sister Nan'an will take you to experience studying in the fashion management major

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating.

This issue is still about the study experience of students studying in the UK. In the last issue, we introduced to you the communication and public relations major at Newcastle University. In this issue, we invited sister Crystal to give a detailed experience of studying for a master's degree in Nan'an.

Application conditions

Domestic double major in design , average score of 83, two related interns, IELTS 6.5

Colleges and majors

MA Fashion Management, University of Southampton 


There are a total of 6 compulsory courses including the graduation thesis project, and you only need to choose one of 8 elective courses. Compared with other universities, there are fewer courses and the content is relatively theoretical. Nan'an's fashion management combines art management theory and practice , and also includes courses related to business operations. Students are encouraged to understand changes in the fashion market and business news through in-class teaching and after-class research projects . The course content also includes fashion purchasing , trend analysis, etc. Personally, I prefer courses on fashion theory and background, which are somewhat similar to the history of fashion development . Because it is related to my interests, I did a lot of case analysis and brand background investigations after the class . If you study offline, the teacher will organize visits to exhibitions . If you study offline, you can participate in more activities and learn about the British exhibition model and fashion-related industry consultation .

Study experience

Nan'an's fashion management ranks high in the UK and is also one of the more popular majors. Because of my personal interests, I feel that the overall study experience this year is very good. British Fashion Week has also resumed this year. Students studying this major can seize these opportunities and accumulate internship and volunteer experience. Whether you are looking for a job , entering a luxury company or a niche designer brand. Or do you want to be an independent brand ? There are many fashion resources in the UK that you can make good use of.

That’s it for Sister Crystal’s sharing. This issue has prepared a benefit for everyone – the complete version of the Nan’an Fashion Management Course Outline. You can receive it for free by sending a private message to Wang Wanwan in the background ~

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