🇬🇧Study experience at Southampton Global Advertising Brand

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in studying abroad and immigrating🌍

The long-lost reading experience is here! Today, I invited an Alcoa i student from the University of Southampton to share her experience studying global advertising and branding in the past year.

Q: Please introduce yourself as usual.

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Q: How is this major? Is it close? Is it on the list?

👧 : Winchester in Nan'an is not very stuck in the list. Our major is famous for its Shui Shuo. It is better to get into our major. There are many private second-level undergraduates in our major. If you apply early, the offers will be issued in seconds.

Q:Introduce the course

👧 : We have three semesters. The first semester is all compulsory gab1 👉It talks about some advertising theories. Some advertisements will be placed in the seminar for us to analyze and we will also be asked to launch a campaign. We will use the theories learned in class to pre-launch this The reason for campaign pas1 👉Teach you how to write a paper SAMM 👉Business war is how you start a company and quickly capture market share. In the second semester, there are two compulsory courses and one elective gab2 👉Advertising theory will require you to create an account on social media. When you operate in week 7 or 8, pre introduce your account and operation status pas2 👉How to write a graduation thesis. If I choose the elective, it is super difficult to rise to the height of philosophy to study postmodern humanism. Due, there are eight questions to choose one answer. The third semester is the graduation thesis of 3,000 words. The proposal will be submitted in May. In June, the thesis tutor will be assigned to meet with the tutor 4 times in July to discuss the topic selection and content of the thesis. It will be due in September.

Generally speaking, our major does not require exams, all of which are essays. Each essay is 3,000 words long. The teachers are very good. Nik and Mark are treasure boys!

Q: What did you learn the most in one year in Nan'an?

👧 : I like the GAB major very much and I also like the college in Wenche. There are many art students in this college wearing all kinds of clothes that look strange but actually show their personality. Wenche also has many fashion weeks and exhibitions where you can see a lot of art. The collision of students’ whimsical thinking and personality is really interesting🥰

The above is the experience of studying at Nan'an Wenche GAB major. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us!

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