🇬🇧Comprehensive guide to applying for undergraduate preparatory courses at Southampton

Everyone knows that Wang Wanwan is engaged in middle school and preparatory courses🌍

Southampton's Undergraduate Foundation Year is a great option The University of Southampton's Undergraduate Foundation Year is designed for international students who have completed higher secondary education to prepare them for entry into the University's undergraduate program . All students who have successfully completed the Undergraduate Foundation Program ( UFP ) have the opportunity to continue studying in the undergraduate courses at the University of Southampton . So what should Nan'an's undergraduate foundation program be like🈸️ ? This 📒tells you everything👀

✨Academic results

Required to complete two-year high school course And have an average score of 75% in the 5 core subjects or complete a three-year high school course with an average score of 70% or above

AS 2 C Alevel Year 1 🉑️ accept school reports ( 🉑️ including mother tongue )

GCSE 5 Door C

✨English score

IELTS 5.0(5.0)

⚠️If your English level is lower than 5.0 👉 4.5 (4.5) , then you need to take one more semester of English learning courses That is to say, the 3⃣️semester system will become a 4⃣️semester system. 👉English Language Professional Course➕Three - semester undergraduate preparatory course

Lance B1 39/50 no less than 39 in any single subject

❗️Four semester system 33/50

PTE 43 points

✨School start time

Nan’an’s preparatory courses are mainly divided into business studies engineering Humanities and Social Sciences life sciences As well as several sections of art and design

⚠️Art design direction does not require a portfolio

The three-semester semester starts from September to June of the following year ( 9 months)

The four-semester system starts from June to June of the following year (12 months )

✨Admission requirements

The preparatory courses meet the standards➕The internal English test OCTOE can reach the same level for progression

⚠️No need to reapply No need to retake IELTS Art and design studies require a portfolio and pass the portfolio review

✨Tuition fee💰 ( unit is 💷 )

Three-semester system👉Business 19860 Art🎨Direction 21390 Humanities and Social Sciences 19860 Life Sciences 21390 Engineering 21390

⚠️The longer the schooling period Tuition fee💰The more expensive it is

Do you have any questions about application? Welcome backstage Didi us Now my brother is handing me the materials Get the offer within 2⃣️weeks🉑️ ! Spaces are limited! First come first served!

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