It turns out that middle school students in public schools can also go to middle school in the UK!

Not only students from international schools, but also students from public schools or private schools within the system can also go to the UK to study in middle schools. Wang Wanwan has also helped many students 🈸️ get offers from British middle schools, let’s take a look at the precautions⬇️

🙋🏻How much does it cost to study in high school in the UK💰

International students can only choose accommodation in the UK. The larger costs include tuition and accommodation. There are three semesters a year. The total cost is 40w-50w , which varies according to the school and the student’s spending power📈

🙋🏻What assessments do students within the system need to pass when applying ?

👉🏻Entrance test: academic test & logic test & English test & interview

👉🏻Academic test: English test paper, including mathematics, science, etc. The questions are all difficult for middle school students.

👉🏻Logic test: It requires simple training to test logical thinking ability, which is a key link in determining whether you can get an offer, but there will be no big problem after training.

👉🏻English test: equivalent to IELTS, similar in difficulty, just get a score equivalent to IELTS 5.5

👉🏻Interview : Test students’ ability to adapt to changes in circumstances and ask some personal life and academic questions

Most schools need to assess several of these tests, and some schools may require all tests. For example, Abbey Cambridge Secondary School only needs to pass the English test and interview, which is relatively simple.

🙋🏻Is it complicated to apply for a private school in the UK ?

Step 1⃣️ : Provide your transcript, fill out the school’s application form, and submit the application

Step 2⃣️ : Complete various entrance tests sent by the school, including logic tests, English tests, etc.

Step 3⃣️ : Make an appointment with the school teacher for an interview and complete the interview

Step 4⃣️ : Get the admission letter and CAS, apply for a visa to the UK, and successfully arrive in the UK in September to start the new semester

🙋🏻I have never studied courses that are in line with British middle schools before. Will I be able to follow them after arriving in the UK❓

It’s just that the language is different, but the content of middle schools in the UK and China is similar, such as mathematics, physics, etc., so the problem of integration is not big. If you encounter problems after arriving at school, the school teachers will answer them in detail. If you are really worried, you can get the Be prepared for self-study during the remaining time at home after admission✏️

🙋🏻I only learned English in school before, without any additional English lessons. Can I keep up❓

Yes, after arriving in the UK and entering an all-English environment, your language skills will be greatly improved, and you will have a lot of time to study by yourself after applying. If your English is really poor, some schools will also provide additional English classes to international students to help them adapt🏃🏻

The above are the common questions for public school students applying to British middle schools. I want to 🈸️British middle schools, backstage✉️Didi Wang Million

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